Why Should You Care About Your Restaurant Brand?

Why should you care about restaurant branding? After all, when the food is good, nothing else matters… right? Mistake.

When done properly and consistently, Restaurant branding can increase your business revenue by up to 23%. It also allows you to share your stories and your company’s values. It makes your restaurant important to customers. The best

Still not convinced of the importance of restaurant branding? Other important reasons to consider the brand are…

The restaurant brand can be seen everywhere;

Your brand extends beyond the four walls of your premises. Of course, the decoration of the dining room and bar plays an important role in establishing their personality. However, you must ensure that the restaurant’s brand makes an impression on customers after they leave the restaurant.

To do this, have a solid understanding of your restaurant brand and ensure all aspects of your business are represented, including:

Marketing Materials; It is important that your printed and digital marketing materials reflect your restaurant brand. You want potential customers to know right away that they’ve received a message from your business or seen an ad.

Social Media; Restaurant branding encompasses your company’s online identity. That means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other platform you use needs to fit your brand. You can even determine which channels to focus on to effectively reach your audience.

Promotions; Understanding a restaurant’s brand can help your business in a number of ways, including choosing promotions that are most likely to be successful. When you know your brand, you’ll be better equipped to plan a successful marketing campaign to kickstart your lazy nights. Because you know exactly what your target group is looking for and what they expect.

A consistent restaurant brand creates trust;

Customers know what to expect from the brands they interact with. This sense of security helps build customer trust and loyalty.

Imagine how confusing it would be if you marketed yourself as a family restaurant and explicitly included drinks in all your ads. Or if your logo on social media is different from the actual restaurant logo on your website.

Consistency is important in restaurant branding because it increases brand awareness. If you’re unsure how to maintain a consistent restaurant brand, consider the following:

Design; All images that represent your brand must be consistent. Pick a logo, slogan and color scheme and include them in all of your marketing materials. Don’t underestimate the power of color. According to Color Matters, color can increase brand awareness by 80%.

Tone and Volume; Check your tone and volume on all models in your restaurant. You want to make sure all of your messaging is consistent so your customers don’t get confused. A strong restaurant branding plan can guide the voice you choose for your business. For example, if there is an interesting sports line, you can use active language and an enthusiastic voice in your text.

Values; Your values ​​are at the core of your business and should be reflected in everything you do. Whenever possible, your customers can choose your restaurant based on the values ​​they share with each other. “Nearly seven out of ten American millennials actively consider a company’s values ​​when making a purchase,” Forbes reported in Consumer Technology Data.

The right restaurant brand creates a better customer experience;

Restaurant branding can also be used to improve customer experience. If your customers are interested in your brand ethos, you can go one step further and ensure your location reflects all aspects of your restaurant brand.

Music; Make sure your restaurant plays the best international music, heavy DJs or classical instruments.

Decor; We’ve already talked about decor, but it’s worth repeating: your space should reflect the personality of your restaurant. Beer wall signs are suitable for sports bars, such as an upscale cocktail lounge.

Menu; Your restaurant’s branding strategy can also influence menu options. Want to be known for your hyperlocal and sustainable cuisine? Or have the best wings in the state?

Customer Service; Yes, even the way you treat customers affects your restaurant’s branding strategy. A casual restaurant can often get out jokes and banter between waiters and customers. Larger companies may need a more formal approach. But either way, be nice: 73% of consumers say they love a brand because of its friendly customer service.

A strong restaurant brand sets you apart from the rest;

In a sea of ​​similar concepts, your restaurant needs to stand out from the crowd. You can do this with the right strategy.

Restaurant branding is about creating your own identity and personalizing your company. By doing this, you will influence many people, including:

Your competitors; Your competitors are taking over a strong restaurant brand. Why shouldn’t they focus on you? Instead of following the crowd, ask them to be like you.

Your community; Build trust and local recognition with a Sushi restaurant brand that connects with your city or community.

Your customers; Strategically building your brand is an opportunity to show your customers that you care. Show your value and give your guests something stronger than a delicious menu.


A restaurant brand should not be swept under the rug or ignored. At least if you want a successful business.

As you can see, branding is more than just a word, it is important to your business. So calculate your stats, choose a color scheme and most importantly, have fun!