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How DrySign eSignatures can Positively Impact Businesses

Contracts being signed between two parties involved huddling over a large table strewn with paper, with legal teams poring over documents with a magnifying glass to ensure that all terms were in order. However, in this digital age, such a sight is rare. Instead, companies have embraced digital technologies to their full effect, and documents are now digitized and archived securely to ensure that organizations can access them anytime.​​

Electronic signatures, or eSignatures, can automate manual processes in companies. Business owners looking to modernize their work culture should adopt them to accelerate approvals on documents and streamline workflows. Factors driving the growth of the digital signature market include the increasing use of electronic documents by governments and enterprises, improvements in the end-to-end customer experience, and enhanced security with a controlled and smooth workflow.

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Electronic signatures have become popular among businesses due to digitalization and the shift towards a paperless economy. However, for eSignatures to be legally valid, they must meet three conditions: the signer must have a government-issued digital identity, have control over the eSign data, and be tamper-proof with visible alterations.


DrySign is a digital signature solution that helps streamline workflows and automate signing while adhering to eSignature laws, making it legally enforceable. It is highly flexible and efficient, enabling multiple stakeholders to sign off on documents from any location, and it protects user data through a real-time mail trail. In addition, it confirms user identity in a transaction, and it is sustainable, contributing to the environment by reducing the need for paper and printing costs.


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eSignatures save costs by eliminating the need for paper, ink, and postage. Furthermore, they are more secure than handwritten signatures, with virtual trails providing specific information about each signer. However, there are risks involved with mishandling electronic files, such as financial loss, damage to the corporate image, and increased liability. Therefore, choosing an e-signature service like DrySign that incorporates strong security and protection into every aspect of its operations is crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of electronic documents.


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