Which Type of Vintage Sofa Should I Buy?

Out of all the pieces of furniture you could have for your home, one of the most distinct and essential pieces is the sofa. This large, cushioned seating is an absolute staple, no doubt about it, in any home, but especially those with several people sharing the space. A sofa is a reliable, comfortable piece of furniture that is hard to imagine not being in a home.

With this being such an essential item in your home, you will really want to take some time to consider your options to make sure that the design fits perfectly with your personal style and the design you have in mind for your living room. Because of this, you might want to purchase a vintage sofa to fit better into your home and contribute to the decor.

As much as that helps to focus your vision, it still does not leave you with a completely defined idea of what you want your vintage sofa to look like. Vintage furniture comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and more. There are many different designs spanning across countries and centuries to match the aesthetics of the times, so you still have many options to choose from for your home.

At this point, you may not be sure of which ones to bring into your home, but we have a few recommendations that you might find helpful. These are some classic designs that are popular for good reason and look good in many different styles of home decor.

Canape Sofas
You can recognize canape sofas by their seat cushions and ornate details. These stylized sofas are distinct for having a single large cushion instead of several cushions split up. Canape sofas are also meant to be more elaborate in detail with details carved into the wood framework, armrests, or legs.

This style of vintage sofa is an ideal choice for someone who loves more ornate designs and appreciates French styles of the 18th century. These pieces are more detailed and ornate.

Scandinavian Sofas
The key element in Scandinavian furniture is simplicity. These pieces are excellent examples of functionality taking the forefront with clean, simple designs. Although many people associate vintage furniture with more elaborate and ornate designs, it is good to remember that there are more minimal options as well.

A Scandinavian style vintage sofa will be recognized for its clean lines, thin legs, and wide seats with an overall rectangular design to the entire piece. These are a great choice for those who enjoy minimalistic furniture or home design.

These were just a few of our favorite styles for vintage couches that we just love seeing in homes. Plus they come in a considerable range of designs for the upholstery, so you can choose the ones that best fit into the colors you like for your home furniture. Now that you have these recommendations in your back pocket, you just need a place to look for your new pieces of furniture.

We recommend taking a look at eloquence.com to find the vintage sofa of your dreams since they specialize in vintage furniture and reproductions. They are well-loved by vintage enthusiasts because of the quality construction of their pieces as well as the attention to detail across everything they offer. So if you are purchasing furniture large or small from them, you can trust the quality will be consistent.

Take a look at the vintage furniture they offer and consider ones in the styles we mentioned above. Once you find the perfect design for your home, you are sure to love your newest addition to the living room area.

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