Which Is the Best Hospital for Bone Marrow Transplant?

What Is a Bone Marrow Transplant?

A bone marrow transplant (BMT) is a specialised procedure to transplant healthy bone marrow with the redundant one. The bone marrow is a soft fatty and gelatinous tissue which functions to produce blood cells in the spongy portions of the bone. 

The cells found in the bone marrow are usually taken and transfused with the patient or another person during the bone marrow transplant.

Why Is a Bone Marrow Transplant Needed?

Bone marrow is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system to avoid any infections, diseases and disorders. It is imperative to get the transplant of bone marrow as various chronic diseases damage the bone marrow and its functioning. 

A few of the chronic ailments are listed below.

1) Multiple Myeloma

Cancer in the white blood cells that damages the bone marrow’s functioning is multiple myeloma. A bone marrow transplant is planned to cure the damage done to the cells.

2)     Chronic Leukaemia

 This is cancer in the blood or bone marrow which requires a bone marrow transplant in the specialised bone marrow transplant hospitals in India.

3) Myelofibrosis

A rare medical condition in which the fibrous scar tissue replaces the bone marrow is Myelofibrosis. A bone marrow transplant might be considered to treat this rare case.

4) Immune Disorders

The immune system’s abnormal hyper activity or low activity causes this disorder. A transplant can cure an autoimmune disease where the body parts start attacking their tissues. 

5) Chemotherapy, Radiation, And Other After Cancer Treatments

Some patients undergoing post-cancer treatments might suffer from bone marrow damage. A transplant, in this case, may be necessary.

Choosing The Best Suited Bone Marrow Transplant Hospital in India

It’s imperative to survey the treatment centre before the transplant. 

Here are a few tips to consider

● Taking a second opinion

● The reputation of the treatment centre/hospital

● Medical insurance policy

● Previous experiences of the patients who underwent the surgery

Best Hospitals for The Bone Marrow Transplant 

1. Max Hospital, Saket

Founded in 2006, Max hospital specialises in cancer care cardiac surgery and has been accredited as the centre for excellence for bariatric access and hernia surgery. With internationally trained doctors and physicians’ max hospital is one of the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India. 

The other specialisations include women’s heart clinic, multiple Sclerosis clinic, efficient emergency services. This super speciality hospital is recognised as NABH and NABL.

2. Indraprastha Hospital

With over 100 primary diagnostic and care centres, this hospital is accredited to NABH, NABL, and JCI. Established in 1996, it spreads across 64 hospitals as of today’s date.

3. Fortis Hospital Gurgaon

A multispecialty hospital, Fortis is called the best in the healthcare field. With about 55 facilities in line, this hospital provides world-class medical equipment for a bone marrow transplant.

Cost Of a Bone Marrow Transplant 

The bone marrow transplant is an expensive treatment. A cost of approximately INR 12,00,000 to 40,00,000 is the total expenditure. However, the pricing would vary from hospital to hospital, depending on the facilities provided.

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