Wherever I am, I can still connect with my doctor

I want to share with you today how telemedicine has changed my life, made it more organized, and helped me keep in touch with my dietitian. You know the hardest part is when you have to change a doctor, a specialist, or a dietitian. It is like you are going back to the departure point, and this is exhausted. I did it once, and things didn’t go well, so I didn’t want to repeat the same thing. To get a car loan in Dubai you have to pay only a small amount as a down payment and the other amount will pay by your bank which you choose after filling the simple online form

I have been on a strict diet for like 3 months, because I am suffering from obesity, which caused me a lot of health problems, and the doctor advised me to reduce my weight because all my health issues are related to my weight. So I went to see a dietitian at Novomed in Abu Dhabi, and she gave me a suitable diet to reduce my weight and treat my health issue through food.

Things are going well for 3 months, and now, I have to move to Spain to continue my studies, so it will be hard to keep on track and do the follow-ups with my dietitian.

So I went to see her and asked her if there is any solution to keep following up with her because I don’t want to get back to the start point. She agreed with me and ensured me that there is an alternative way to keep in very effective touch, especially since my case doesn’t actually require any physical presence, only to get my weight measured. So she told me about the telemedicine that is applied at Novomed Centers and it is a good way to do the follow-ups anywhere in the world.

I liked the idea very much, and asked her about how I am going to measure my weight, she answered that all I need to do is to get a scale similar to the one she is using, or I can simply go to any close pharmacy or fitness institute that has a professional scale and measure it the day before our online consultation.

Now, that I have been in Spain for 1 month, I had my first online consultation with my dietitian at Novomed Abu Dhabi and things are going smoothly. Thank you very much Novomed for this solution!

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