What you’ll need before taking up boxing

Boxing is one of the world’s most popular sports with professional, amateur and boxing fitness gyms found in every major city worldwide. The fight game is enjoyed by millions, from the top professionals climbing the ladder towards a world title fight to the amateurs with their hearts set on making it to the next Olympic Games.

But you don’t have to be an aspiring fighter to enjoy the benefits of boxing, there’s a place in the noble art for everyone whether you are training to lose weight, learning self-defence or watching the big fight live on TV while betting on the outcome at the best sportsbooks. You’ll find an angle into the sport and a spot you are comfortable with.

Boxing has been enjoyed by the masses for generations and that popularity is showing no signs of waning anytime soon. In fact, the game has never been as popular as it is today with several bouts screened on TV and live streaming apps every weekend.


Boxing training is accessible
You may be an experienced fight fan or a newbie eager to find out what all the fuss is about. If you have ever watched a boxing match and marvelled at the fitness levels of the combatants and the physique of the fighters, it’s probable you would have given some thought to trying boxing for yourself. The good news is, boxing training is accessible to most of us. Even if you don’t want to step into the ring and take a punch or spar with fellow enthusiasts, you can enjoy the fitness and discipline.

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Most boxing gyms look unwelcoming to non-fighters, a place full of hardened boxers, old school coaches and heavy bags. But, believe it or not, the majority of boxing gyms are welcoming places with receptionists and coaches who are more than happy to greet new members, regardless of their level of ability and experience. So, what is stopping you?

If you are ready to begin your love affair with the sport, we have all the advice you need. In this article, we explain how you can join your local boxing gym and the equipment you should take with you on your first night at the gym.

Find the right gym
It’s not about finding the best gym in the world. It’s about finding the best gym for you. When deciding to start boxing you will have a clear picture of your intentions. You’ll know if you want to build muscle, lose weight or even compete in bouts at an amateur level. When you have set out your plans you will be in a better place to choose the type of gym for you. One that is tailored for professionals or a gym that is more for boxercise and keep fitters.

After choosing a gym, you have two options. You can contact the gym by email or telephone – most will have websites with the address and contact information listed. Send your message or pick out the information you need from the website. If you would prefer to speak to the staff and trainers in person, you could always visit the gym. In doing so, you will familiarise yourself with the location, get to know those behind the scenes and watch a boxing class from the sidelines, finding out what’s going on and what will be expected of you on your first night as a new start.








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