What Is the Worth of an Online IELTS Preparation Course?

Do you want to study, do the job or want to live overseas? If yes, then you need to appear for a language proficiency test like IELTS. This is a bit tough for some. Thus, many online platforms provide you with easy learning for foreign tests like IELTS and TOEFL to help you live your dream. The name of the test stands for the International English Language Testing System. It is a crucial criterion for entry to any foreign institutes and firms. Without passing this exam, no one can go to countries with native English speakers. But listening to the phrase, IELTS preparation course that is online, you might wonder if it is worth it or not.

Let’s find out more about the merits as well as demerits of online preparation for this test.

Merits of Online IELTS Preparation Course:

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in technology. During Covid-19, the classes were conducted online. This conveyed the advancement in technologies. One such advancement is this. But is it good to conduct online IELTS preparation for the population going abroad? Following are some of the merits of these trainings:

a. Affordable and Personalized:

As compared to offline classes, online classes give more facilities at less cost. These facilities are customized based on your level of understanding of English. While attending offline classes, you use their resources, which adds to the cost. The travel expenses make the prices even higher. However, attending offline classes does not count any travel costs. Thus making it much cheaper than offline test preparation.

b. Flexible and Convenient:
When you are free to study, you can. In an offline class, you need to be present to understand what you are learning. However, many IELTS aspirants are students or employees and do not have time to attend class without missing their college/office. Thus, the preparation on an online platform helps them to continue their studies without any disturbance. Hence, the online IELTS preparation course is more flexible and convenient than offline.

c. Easy Accessibility:

To attend an online class, you do not need costly equipment. Just a phone or laptop with an internet connection makes these classes easily accessible. This training not only provides access to live classes but also gives various digital resources for self-preparation. Also, it is very easy to get enrolled in online training.

d. Class Recordings:

If a student misses an online live class due to any reason, it does not mean that he or she does not have access to the same class again. These classes get recorded, and the students can access them anytime they want. Thus, this makes online IELTS preparation easier for them.

e. Study at Your Own Pace:

Every student has their speed at capturing things. In offline classes, the learner needs to cope with the pace at which others are learning. This makes it hard for them to understand the concept. In online classes, you have the freedom to study at your own pace with complete knowledge of the concept.

f. Online Mock Tests and Assignments

Mock tests and assignments are a crucial aspect of your online IELTS preparation. These will ensure that you are not nervous during the real IELTS test. It will also help you understand your topic. Also, if you miss a test by any chance, you can attend it at any time.

g. Regular Updated Progress Reports:

After attempting the mock tests and assignments, they get evaluated by the experts. The details about your progress get updated on online reports. Also, every time you attempt these tests and assignments, your progress updates regularly.

h. Constant Guidance:

In the online IELTS preparation, you will get one-on-one interaction with the experts. They will evaluate your performance. Also, they will solve all your doubts related to the concept. Moreover, they will also update you about your progress and other crucial factors that you should know.

Demerits of Online IELTS Preparation Course:

After learning about the merits of online training, it is clear that this session is beneficial sometimes. But do you still believe in this advancement in technology? Is it fruitful for the preparation for IELTS? Yes or no. So let us learn about the demerits of this training:

a. Technical Glitches:

One of the biggest problems of online IELTS preparation course classes is the technical glitches. These occur due to network traffic and slow internet connection. This usually occurs from the students’ side, which can disturb the flow of the class. However, a proper network connection can resolve this problem.

b. No Interactions in a Class:

Usually, in online sessions, students do not interact with the teacher as they do in an offline class. When asked about the same, their only answer was that they were too shy to talk online. Thus, most of the students do not even switch on their cameras and mics to answer the questions asked by the tutor. However, active participation can help boost their confidence and resolve this issue.

c. Not Completely Focused:

Not being able to focus is another crucial reason for online test preparation to fail. In most cases, these students join the class and put their mic and camera off. And instead of listening to the session, they continue with their other work. Thus, this leads to students being distracted from their studies. This is where the test papers and mock tests conducted by the experts of study abroad services like gradding.com come in handy for students to track their progress and regain focus.


In conclusion, there are more merits than demerits to online test preparation, which makes it worth it. Moreover, the demerits can be easily handled with the help of professionals. Additionally, these trainings are less costly, easy to access and up-to-date on progress. Thus, it makes online classes more flexible and convenient than offline classes. However, make sure to only take classes from a reliable consultancy like gradding.com to avoid any issues and improve communication for easy query resolution.

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