What is a hot air balloon?

If you’ve ever wanted a complete guide to hot air ballooning- look no further than this! From a distance, hot air balloons appear to be merely a colourful speck in the sky. But hot air balloons are so much more than the simplicity they infer. In reality, hot air balloons possess a rich history behind their construction. They involve complex thermodynamic control systems. Hundreds of years of development have come together to create an incredible kind of sky-bound adventure, just for your enjoyment. Enjoy Best hot air balloon Vilnius flight in Vilnius.
What is a hot air balloon?
Most people know a hot air balloon – it consists of a bag (which can be called part of a balloon), called an envelope, where hot air collects. The envelope is usually made of nylon and has several features that include the following:

Parachute valve – self-sealing flap on the top of the package, which allows air to escape at a controlled speed. Controls the rise and fall of the balloon.
Scratches and panels – parts of the packaging made of materials resistant to weather conditions and sewn into specific shapes and patterns. Skirts – The part of the fabric that helps circulate warm air around and also helps protect the flame from the wind.
Under the envelope is a reed basket or capsules. Passengers are transported here.

The playground is also a source of heat. There is usually a liquid propane tank and an open flame that heats the air to keep the balloon in the air. The heat source is known as the burner. The inlet of the balloon (closest to the burner flame) is made from fire resistant materials like Nomex.

It is not possible for hot air balloons to fly beyond the atmosphere.

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