What Is A Fiber-Optic Cable And What Are Its Uses In A Data Center?

A data center is a main-organized shared IT building that performs the IT operations, stores, processes, and disseminates all the data in the server. These centers are the hub of computer systems and all the telecommunication equipment. One of the essential components of the data center is the fiber-optic cables. Without these, the center is incomplete and can’t even work.

We tell you all about fiber-optic cables and why they are so important in data centers. So without any further delay, we should get started. 

What Is A Fiber-Optic Cable? 

A Fiber-optic cable, in simple words, is called optical fiber. These are an assembly of cables similar to electrical cables, but they contain one or more optical fibers used to carry light. They can also be described as a cable containing one or more thin, flexible fibers alongside a glass core through which the light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength. 

The fiber-optic cable is best designed for transmitting singles to long-distance places without disturbing the strength. They can also provide high-speed data connections between different buildings; that’s why their importance is increased in data centers.

Construction Of Fiber-Optic Cable

The thing that makes this cable unique is its construction due to its structure and making it can transfer the signal faster and take the strength of signs through other points. 

A fiber-optic cable consists of glass or either silica core. The core of this fiber is surrounded by either glass or silica, which is also called cladding. Glass and silica are expensive, so that’s why the optical fiber wire is also costly. This wire also has plastic that is of high refractive index. The core has a diameter from 10 to 100 micro-meter. 

Working Of Fiber-Optic Cable

Working on this cable is a complex process, but we will explain it to you in short words. Working of fiber-optic cable works on reflection and refraction. All work in this cable happens very quickly as light travels fast. The working phenomena in optical fiber are also called optical waveguides. 

Uses Of Optical Fiber In Data Center 

The fiber-optical cables are the equipment due to which the data centers are still working. The optical fibers help transfer the data, a large number of reliable technology, and all other stuff in a single mode. These cables have no problem with the EMC and the cross-talking that usually occurs in the copper cables.

Optical fibers come in handy in all the processes that take place in a data center. The diameter of the optical fiber is less than copper wire which takes less space. The fiber-optical cables increase the efficiency of the cooling system while working at its peak. These cables are useless consumption of the electricity so that’s how you can save your electricity charges. 

In this article, we have given you all the information about fiber-optic cables and their important uses in data centers.

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