What is a Clear Tilte – How to search for a Clear Title ?

A dream property/home/real-estate are likely some of the biggest investments we tend to make in our lives. But what if you come to know that the property you already brought is said to be under a land litigation case or is a property under litigation and the seller sold it to you without any notice. Now, you have lost the money and have a nightmare at hand to deal with as well. 

These nightmares for new property owners are quite reoccurring these days and it is better to know the property you are interested in buying is a clear title. There are so many benefits of having a clear real estate title, there are chances of getting a home insurance, home loan and so much more. You will not be living with the fear of a case or complaint on your property or running around the court for claims. 

 What is a Clear Title :  

 A Clear Title is given for a property/land/real estate for not having any running cases or suits to its name. When the property has a clear title, the property will never put its owner in any case of mishaps and is safe. A clear title ensures that there is no doubt who owns the property or who is qualified to claim the ownership of the property. 

 How to Search for a Clear Title :  

There are few ways, anyone who is interested in buying a real estate property can go about Searching for a Clear Title. Here are the ways : 

    1. Search on TitleSuit 


    1. Visit your nearest Revenue Records Office 


    1. Get an Advocate help 


 Search on TitleSuit : TitleSuit is a user generated property cases listing platform. All the property cases are listed by users who already have a property under litigation case. All the property litigation case are verified and validated, which leaves almost zero room for error. All you need to do is download the TitleSuit app and search for the property you were interested in buying/investing. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. And you can hit the ground running for finding a clear title very easily. 

 Visit your nearest Revenue Records Office: After TitleSuit the next best way of finding the clear Title is by visiting the nearest Revenue/registrar office. These offices are generally maintained by government officials, and they do tend to have the details about many “real estate cases”, though this process of finding the clear title for your property might turn out to be a little time consuming, it is still an effective way. 

 Get an Advocate Help : The last way of finding or getting the clear title involves getting advocate help. When you reach out to the advocates for help in getting a clear title, they charge certain amount as fee and get to work, in finding all the details that are important and are related to the property, after thorough inspection and checking, the advocates will give you their word and a document signed saying the property/real estate is free from any litigation/suits. This process of getting a clear title from the advocate is a lot time taking , but is a must.