What are the topmost myths and facts to know about hair transplant?

If you are planning to get the Hair Transplant in Vizag then various things will come your way. You will get to know about different things, but not all of them are true to what they say. One thing is certain that you should never choose to get the treatment from a place where Hair Transplant cost is considerably low. There are many clinics out there that are just providing the treatment or alluring ads to have money. So, you need to be cautious about such things. In this article, our major focus is on highlighting the top myths and facts about the hair transplant procedure.

Top myths and facts about the hair transplant procedure

Myth: Results are visible right away

Fact: NO! Your hair growth takes time and in the same way, the hair growth will be after the hair transplant. You need to wait for at least 6 to 12 months to see the evident results from the hair transplant. Understand that, you will experience shock loss after the surgery which occurs because you have undergone the surgery. It is part of the treatment and following that you will see the desired results. So, if someone claims to get treatment from them and see instant results then there is no such thing as that.

Myth: Pain is unbearable, so don’t get it

Fact: Hair transplant procedure is performed under anesthesia due to which the pain or discomfort is extremely less. Once the anesthesia effect goes away you can expect some pain. Following the surgery, you should take all the necessary pain medication suggested by the doctor. From your part, it is essential to do everything as the doctor says and there will not be an issue. 

Myth: Women cannot undergo hair transplant

Fact: Hair transplant is an advanced treatment and both men and women can choose to get this surgery. It means that both men and women can get the FUE and FUT. Well, the final choice is going to depend on the patient’s condition and what their preference is.

Myth: Hair transplant is difficult to afford

Fact: You know that medical tourism in India is gaining popularity and one of the treatments which are highly preferred is hair transplant. The hair transplant treatment in India is available at a cost-effective price.

Myth: Results will come and go

Fact: Well! The results of the hair transplant are going to last for a lifetime. It means once the hair grafts are transplanted to the desired position they are going to grow there. You can expect to see the initial growth in the 3rd month and after that, the hair will keep on growing just like your own hair.

Save your hair locks with hair restoration

With hair transplant treatment you can save your hair locks for your entire life. Additionally, the modern and advanced technology is what makes it even better and the final results are worth every sense.

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