What are the Different Type of Filters Used in a Water Purifier System

Filtration systems for water purifiers have become increasingly efficient and complex than they were in the past. LG water purifier, AO Smith Water Purifier and other popular branded models come with up to five distinct chambers for filtration in a single filter system. Multi-stage filtration is a process where different kinds of cartridges for filtration are utilized within each canister.

Each filter is able to remove the specific type of compound from the water that results in purified drinking water. Let’s find out the functions of different types of filters in a water purifier system:

Sediment Filter Cartridges

Nobody wants to drink a large sip of water only to be left with the taste of sand or dirt! Sediment filtering is designed to remove these particles from the water you drink. They can remove dirt, sand, dust silt, rust, scale, and much more. With a size of one micron, this kind of filter cartridge can’t eliminate microorganisms, bacteria or chemicals, or other substances. However, It can only remove solid particles over one micron in size. It is typically the first line of filter to be used in the multi-stage filter system.

Ceramic Filters Cartridges

The positively charged characteristic of Ceramic filters attracts the bacterias towards them. Once the bacterias touch the ceramic, the silver in the filter releases positively charged metal ions, which kill those bacterias. These filters last longer than other filters as they don’t get choked with contaminants, like the sediment filter. Ceramic filters are very efficient at removing bacteria but can’t eliminate any other particles.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Cartridges

The filter membrane of the reverse osmosis cartridge is highly dense and efficient at removing even the smallest contaminated particles. Some filters get rid of contaminants like microorganisms or viruses as tiny as 1/10000th of one micron. They effectively remove nearly everything from your water, including chemical odours, pesticides, chemicals, and unpleasant tastes.

Alkaline Ionizer Filter Cartridges

After going through a variety of water filters, or RO filter alone is enough to eliminate all the essential minerals from your water. Alkaline ionizers take charge of this next process by adding natural minerals to the water by passing it through ionically activated mineral rocks. The water absorbs some minerals from the rocks, which helps with the pH balance of the water. This can lead to an improvement in overall well-being. Alkaline ionization allows the water to retain more oxygen than regular water along with electrolytes and antioxidants, which your body will highly appreciate.

Cartridges Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are typically made out of charcoal and are an economical way to eliminate the toxic in your water. In addition, carbon filters keep the mineral content of your water unaltered so that it’s still full of vital minerals without losing any. They are excellent for eliminating chlorine, VOCs, and numerous other chemicals, such as those that produce bad taste and odours and are foul in nature. But carbon filters aren’t efficient in removing minerals, salts, or sediment.

Ultraviolet Cartridges

Ultraviolet filters differ from cartridge filters because water doesn’t pass through them. It’s a lightbulb inserted into the canister to kill microorganisms and bacteria by exposure to ultra-violet light, which damages their DNA. Ultra-violet filters are an excellent method to eliminate fungi, dysentery, cysts, salmonella and algae, and various bacteria and viruses. They are made to remain in operation all day long, and their shelf life is very high, often measured in hours of run time instead of litres of water purified.

From sediment filters that eliminate the particles in your water to ultraviolet filters that kill microorganisms and bacteria to many other different cartridges for filtration are available to help you set up your water filtration system, functioning according to your preferences. Various kinds of filters should be utilized together to maximize the efficiency of your water purifier. This will enable you to build a multi-stage filtration system to eliminate any contaminants from your water. Finally, you’ll have crystal clear, crisp, and delicious tasting drinking water that is free of harmful contaminants, bacteria, viruses, smells, tastes and so on.

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