What Are The Causes Of Respiratory Disease From Ayurvedic Point-Of-View?

Nowadays, people are afflicted with tons of respiratory disorders. An Ayurvedic doctor in Cippenham has treated many respiratory ailments with the efficient ayurvedic approach. Respiratory problems ayurvedic treatment in Ludhiana has brought to light many ayurvedic stratagems which are rehabilitation of patients at a rapid pace. The most customary cause of respiratory disorders is that the quality of air has been spoiled. Because of this reason, people are not only facing the issues of ailments in their respiratory tract, rather these issues are related to the cancerous and malignant condition of the respiratory organs. This article is for all those who are scrolling the pages on the internet to find out the causes of respiratory disorders from an ayurvedic point of view.

  • How do respiratory ailments come to light?

The prominent reason for respiratory disorders coming to light is the imbalance and disturbance in the doshas. The doshas which are related to the healthy functioning of the respiratory system are as follow:

  • Kapha
  • Vata
  • What is the implication of ‘Kalambaka Kapha’?

Kalambaka Kapha is deemed as one of the sub-categories of Kapha. The Kapha dosha is quintessentially accountable for the malfunctioning of the following:

  • Lungs
  • Respiratory system
  • Heart
  • What is the area of the dominance of Kapha?

The Kapha has its dominance over the following:

  • Udana Vata
  • Prana Vata
  • What happens if there is an occurrence of imbalance and disturbance in between udana vata and prana vata?

If there is imbalance or disturbance in the udana vata and prana vata, then the following mentioned respiratory disease or disorder are sure to come to light:

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • What is the connotation of asthma?

Asthma is one of the most customary respiratory diseases. In earlier times, this disease was restricted to only grown-ups. But after some time, children also begin to experience this. The main cause behind the affliction of asthma is dwindling of the airways. Ensuing reasons are among the most prominent causes for the same:

  • Perpetual exposure to cool air
  • Presence of allergy-causing particles in the air
  • Emotional problem or stress
  • Heavy and exertion-oriented exercise
  • What is the implication of bronchitis?

If one is experiencing a perpetual and enduring kind of inflammation or burning sensation in the following, then he is sure to get afflicted with Bronchitis.

  • Trachea
  • Bronchi of lungs
  • What happens if one is afflicted with an allergy?

If an individual is afflicted with any sort of allergy, then it is nothing but the negative response or aggravated response of the immune system of the body to the presence of particular substances. These aggravated reactions take the form of allergies which affects the following:

  • Skin 
  • Respiratory tract

Final Thoughts

If you believe in the ayurvedic treatments, then you will get to detect the problem from the root cause. Detecting problems from root cause always facilitates in eradicating the disease in a way that it may never come to light again.