What are Multi-Mineral Supplements? What are its Benefits?

An increase in health awareness amongst the population has enhanced the consumption of multi-mineralsupplements. These are a simple combination of mineral and vitamin supplements that promote your health, offer better nutrient intake, and prevent chronic diseases from developing in the body.

Considering how multi-mineral supplements help in boosting health, we have discussed the benefits. Read on and explore how multi-minerals impact us.

What Are Multi Mineral Supplements?

Multi-mineral supplements (MVM) are prepared using a range of minerals and vitamins along with other important ingredients. MVMs are usually available in the market by various names, such as vitamins, multis, or multiples.

While there are an array of multi-mineral supplements available, the most effective and common one is an MVM with important minerals and vitamins. These vitamins and minerals are added in the suggested amount or are close to the suggested amount.

Other types of MVMs are high-potency MVMs that are available in two or more pill packs. Your doctor may occasionally suggest these types of MVMs to improve immunity, performance, weight control, or bodily energy. These special-purpose MVMs contain different types of minerals and vitamins along with ingredients like glucosamine.

However, multi-mineral supplements impact every person according to their gender, age, and other health conditions.

Benefits Of Multi Mineral Supplements

There are many reasons for taking multi-mineral supplements, such as improved nutrition intake, reduced disease risk, health promotion, etc.

Prevention of Chronic Diseases

For many people who have particular health issues, multi-mineral supplements of different types might prove beneficial.

For example, in this study, MVMs reduced the speed of vision loss in multiple people who were suffering from age-related degeneration of the macular.

In yet another study, MVMs were suggested to people with a high risk of cancer. The placebo group participants got cancer down the lane, and the MVM group showed an 8% reduction in cancer formation. These MVM group patients were offered multi-mineral supplements with 31 minerals and vitamins.

Improved Intake Of Nutrients

With the help of multi-mineral supplements, the body can intake the appropriate amount of nutrients. People who are unable to consume the correct amount of nutrients in their diet are often suggested MVMs meet the nutritional requirements of the body. However, these supplements should be consumed once daily or as suggested by the physician to avoid over-consuming folic acid, iron, zinc, vitamin A, or niacin.

Is It Okay To Take Multi Mineral Supplements?

Multi-mineral supplements are not designed as an alternative to a healthy diet. It is imperative to consume a healthy diet to naturally intake fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Multi-mineral supplements are only able to impact and improve our health if we properly consume healthy foods regularly.

Here is a list of people who can benefit from multi-mineral supplements:

  • Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive can consume multi-mineral supplements to receive proper folic acid. It helps in reducing birth defects and spinal/brain issues in newborn babies.
  • As suggested by the doctor, pregnant women can also consume prenatal MVM to ensure appropriate iron in the body.
  • Babies who are partially breastfed or not breastfed should necessarily receive vitamin D daily.
  • Any woman can benefit from vitamin D and calcium after menopause, as it reduces fracture risks and increases the strength of bones.
  • Individuals who are older than 50 can also take MVMs to consume and absorb appropriate amounts of minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin B12.

Is MVMs Harmful?

MVMs are not harmful unless consumed in more amounts than suggested. But, some people are at risk. We have discussed these cases below:

  • At the time of pregnancy, women should not get higher amounts of vitamin A. This increases the risk of birth defects in children. However, this risk doesn’t include beta-carotene. You should take MVMs as directed by your doctor.
  • Any adult woman or man or menopausal woman should avoid consuming multi-mineral supplements that have iron in 18 mg or higher quantities. Unless your doctor asks you to consume iron because you have iron deficiency, excessive intake can lead to iron accumulation in organs and tissues. This can impact your heart and liver health.
  • Further, iron-containing MVMs should not be offered to children without consultation, as they can pose multiple health risks.

Can I Take It With Other Medicines

MVMs contain minerals and vitamins that are unlikely to interact with other medications that you are consuming. However, there are some exceptions.

For example, if you are intaking medicines to prevent blood clotting, then you need to be careful. In this case, it is better to consult your doctor or physician to understand if you can consume MVMs without any complications.


Consuming multi-mineral supplements daily doesn’t have any associated health risks. However, it is necessary to avoid fortified drinks and foods, such as beverages, to avoid increasing the intake of minerals or vitamins above the suggested levels.

Further, consuming a healthy diet along with multi-mineral supplements is important. Hence, ensure that you are intaking healthy home-cooked food along with MVMs for the best results.

If you have any underlying health illness or ailment, consult your doctor before consuming MVMs.