Wearable Technology – Not Just Fantasy In 2021-2022

Not too many years ago, wearable technology was a distant thought. In today’s society, the choices of smart watches are endless. Many different companies are creating wearable technologies based around what purpose the consumer will use the watch.

These companies include but are not limited to, LG, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, and Sony. Other companies are competing for attention with no forerunner showing, as of yet, of who will control the wearable technology field.

What to Look for

Wearable technology is a new type of product that can be modified and manufactured according to what the company wants the device to do. Some companies want the watch to help track fitness goals, while others want it to include daily reminders and act as a personal assistant.

Depending on the brand of the watch and who manufactured it, some watches will only be compatible with certain devices. For example, when Apple releases its version of the smart watch, they will only be compatible with Apple devices.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s version of a smart watch will be compatible with, not only Microsoft devices, but Apple and Android devices as well.

Most of the smart watches take a little from both the fitness world and the business world and mix it-creating a watch that can track fitness goals and do business work.

If the consumer wants a more specific timepiece, then they must know the purpose-whether for business or fitness.

Some Common Features between Most

A lot of the newer smart watches are rivaling for the best in the business. With that being said, most of the smart watches have the same basic features.

Most allow you to check emails or texts without pulling out your phone, have some type of health and fitness counter, control music, and see notifications.

If a smart watch does not have these features, then it’s not really a smart watch. An example of a well-tailored smart watch is the NikeFuel. The NikeFuel brand line focuses on strictly fitness.

This lets the device encompass more fitness features-allowing the user to track their pace, GPS, calories, heart rate, laps, and intervals.

The Newest and Latest

These watches have been around for a few years now. However, the first editions of a smart watch only held basic features — today’s versions of this device are completely different.

The Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch just made their debuts at the beginning of July in 2014. These are the newest and latest innovations to this technology.

Made by two separate companies, but both running Google’s software called Android Wear, makes two watches with the same features.

These newest editions to the market will show Google how to modify their software, as well as show companies what consumers want the device to look like.

Both of these latest watches are pretty much the same-having of course, the same operating system, changeable bands, and both are dust and water-resistant.

There really is not much difference between these two editions to the wearable technology field besides the creator of the operating system.

Worst Kept Technological Secret

Apple has not announced their plan for the iWatch, but any common man or woman knows that Apple is not going to miss this chance to extend their product line.

What we do know about the iWatch is Apple will be uniting with the fitness tracking app HealthKit to track fitness goals.

We also know that Apple is hiring executives from Swiss watchmakers- giving them a great platform to start. Along with all the fashionable styles, Apple is trying to “Go Green” by looking into solar power or kinetic energy from the user’s arm.

All of these features will be vastly studied until Apple has created a product they are proud to release.

Match the Watch to Your Desires

With all the newest technologies in play while developing wearable technologies, many different watches can be made based on what the user wants it to function as.

Knowing if the user wants to monitor fitness such as calories burned and distance traveled, or have it function as a personal assistant performing tasks such as web browsing, messaging, and reading of voice-mails, are keys to making the best smart watch.

Depending on what the user wants, this will help them find the ideal watch for their intended purpose.

In the Future

These devices were once thought about only on television and in comic books. In today’s advancing world, smart watches are now a real object that people can use to enhance their daily life routine.

Given this is the first decade with anything such as this product, many advances will happen quickly into creating one that practically runs our lives.

Only time will tell if the smart watch is a phase or an object that changes life for every individual. Lives were changed, not too long ago with the invention of the cell phone.

Advancing that technology, and taking the next step is where each of these companies is headed.

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