Virtual Summit Planning Checklist

With the adaptation of a virtual stage, we have seen the successful execution of online summits, meetings, conferences, shows, fairs, and more. Although the virtual environment was foisted on us by the difficult times of the global pandemic, today, we can assuredly say that it was indeed a valuable solution.

What is a Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit is another significant format of online events that involves industry experts from different parts of the globe. These experts come together to have relevant discussions on vital topics and matters.

It is similar to an online conference where people meet on an ideal platform and make the most of that opportunity to have discussions, make connections, and interact with other attendees and exhibitors.

How Do You Host a Virtual Summit?

Hosting a summit, conference, or show virtually intends to obtain qualified leads and enhance the global reach. With the adoption of an all-in-one virtual summit platform, attendees and sponsors can interact, engage, and make meaningful connections.

Also, with the event happening online, event planners can make it a grand success by embracing more registrations, including essential tools & features, and promoting it on multiple social media platforms.

To learn more about hosting an online summit, let us take you through a vital virtual summit planning checklist;

Understand the Summit Goals

Now, that you have decided to host an online summit, you need to determine the goals and objectives of the same to make it more productive. Why do you want to host this summit? With a definite answer to this, you’ll be able to include relevant features and customized & innovative solutions to make your Summit highly successful.

Recognize Your Target Audience

An online summit is held to have meaningful discussions on crucial topics and issues. Hence, it becomes quite essential to include the right people at your event. Once you have identified your potential audience, send out invites or periodic emails to draw more registrations. The profound understanding of your attendees will help you learn their viewpoints and take the event forward in the proposed direction.

Make Way for Exhibitors

Exhibitors play a crucial role in boosting the ROI of any virtual event. But, any exhibitor or sponsor would only invest in an event if they find it profitable. To make this happen, you can make promising efforts to showcase their brand logo, content, or product. You can practice this through the event’s digital screens, dynamic banners at the lobby, or by providing a separate space on the social wall. You can also give them the option of setting a customized virtual booth to lure more attendees. It will help them increase their sales opportunities and feel benefitted.

Choose an All-in-One Virtual Summit Platform

A virtual platform acts as a stage for conferences, summits, trade shows, or fairs happening online. Therefore, it is important to select the venue partner very wisely. While talking about an absolute platform, let us highlight the key features that will help you deliver remarkable and bizarre event experiences;

  1. Provides simple navigation throughout the platform
  2. The ability to offer customized solutions to give a personalized touch to the virtual summit
  3. It should be a 100% reliable and secure platform
  4. The platform should be competent enough to include helpful features in order to promote audience engagement
  5. Can seamlessly incorporate endless networking opportunities to encourage lead retrieval and new connections.
  6. Helps event planners with a comprehensive record of digital footprint
  7. 24/7 customer support to render real-time assistance

Promote Your Virtual Summit

It is vital to create strategies to welcome more people from different remote locations. It can only happen when you can market your event or spread awareness about it to a wide range of people. You can consider promoting or marketing your event in several ways;

  1. Write guest blogs or posts enriched with trendy and latest keywords to enhance its search potential.
  2. Practice email marketing to send emails to important people you expect to be your potential audience.
  3. In recent times, we have realized the importance of social media. Therefore, make the most of the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to spread awareness about your summit. You can post images, videos, GIFs, or boomerang to arouse excitement among the people. Create summit-specific hashtags and do not forget to mention the registration link for each post. It will help you avoid missing out on any fresh joiner.

Create a Value-Yielding Event for Your Attendees

With attendees joining the event virtually and investing their time, it is essential to keep them engaged throughout the event. The foremost step that can help you add more value to your summit is its high-level content. Pre-decide the format of the sessions and the topics you’ll be covering at the event. Creating a definite format for the sessions or the speakers will help keep the chaos away. You can also leverage on-event announcements to keep the attendees aware of the ongoing and upcoming sessions.

You can implement features like live polls, live chat, and Q&A rounds to make the sessions more interactive. It will promote real-time 2-way communications. Another powerful feature is AI matchmaking tools that organizers can use to allow attendees to connect with like-minded people during the event.

Distribute the Responsibilities Clearly

With so many individuals involved in conducting an online event, they need to understand their responsibilities clearly. Hence, organizers need to let people know about which part of the event would they be managing. It could be backend support, access control team, or attendee navigation tracking team. With clear distribution, everyone knows their part of duties and whom to report if something goes wrong.

Perform a Test Rehearsal

With events happening online, you need to ensure that everything works according to the planning. To assure this, you need to conduct a thorough dry-run with the platform features and the essential speakers to avoid unexpected errors. Also, you need to check the Internet connection and the compatibility and configurations of the systems before D-day.

Final Word

Virtual summits or conferences involve people from global locations. We understand that it might be a little complicated if you are hosting an online event for the first time. But, with the right approach and an online event platform, you can not only conduct them online but also make them lucrative and memorable affairs.

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