Upgrade Retail Display with Acrylic Products | New York Business Post

Great visual merchandising for your business is crucial to encourage new customers to stop, stare, and possibly buy your products. Here’s how you can creatively use acrylic products, from display cubes to clear sign holders, to elevate your retail display. 

1. Improve Your Storefront and Window Displays 

Your window display greets your potential customers, so it counts to make it eye-catching. A shabby and outdated storefront will not draw customers inside to see your products and services.  

Taking the time to improve your window display provides customers with a quick yet effective overview of your brand identity. 

While adding lights to your storefront is great, putting a creative spin on it with acrylic products is even better. You can use acrylic to beautify your window displays through decorative frames, geometric shapes, and clear display cubes

2. Showcase Smaller Products

Spotlighting your smaller products can be difficult when they’re beside items that are more prominent in size. You can flaunt your smaller items and put them at the centre of attention with the help of acrylic products. 

Instead of a flat surface or shelf, utilise display cubes alongside clear display racks to draw attention to your small merchandise. You can make items like flyers and leaflets a focal point by adding custom-made stands by the counter to attract customers. With acrylic products, your goods will shine, tempting more people to check them out. 

3. Create a Point of Interest

While shelves are lacklustre and don’t offer much, mounting acrylic products on the wall can vastly improve your retail display. The options include sign mounts, graphic holders, custom-made signs, and Slatwall displays. These products add visual interest to your business signage and merchandise. 

4. Elevate Product Displays 

Product displays are a simple yet stunning way to draw attention to your items. You can achieve an effortless-looking product display with the help of acrylic products. Mount your products or set them in a raised position. Be wary with the placement of the goods because you want to ensure it’s still within eye level.  

You can use display cubes to highlight your products. Additional stock of your elevated product should be within arm’s reach. This extra stock will ensure you have the product ready in case a customer wants to purchase it. 

5. Customise Your Acrylic Products 

Variety and uniqueness are key to ensuring you’re using your acrylic products well. Don’t just stick with racks and platforms! Go ahead and create custom acrylic products that can highlight the beauty of your merchandise. Even the tiniest customisation draws customers to your store to look through the retail displays. 

Acrylic products are versatile and work seamlessly to adapt to your retail store’s visuals. Clear display cubes will instantly make your retail display much more appealing than traditional platforms and shelves. 

Whether it’s a rack, cube, frame, or Slatwall display, you can’t go wrong with using acrylic products to showcase your goods and services. Now go and get creative with your designs!