Try these 10 Best Personal Loan Apps for Instant Approval

NBFCs have effectively met consumers’ needs for emergency cash, making personal loans one of India’s most common loan types.

Since quick cash requirements can arise at any moment and for any one, loan apps in India have emerged as the best option for small fund requirements. Similar to apps that make everyday life easier, such as grocery shopping, buying clothes, and so on, instant loan apps offer a faster way to get your hands on a loan amount that can help you meet your immediate needs.

Looking the most credible NBFCs that can provide easy credit can be difficult, especially in an age where cyber fraud is on the rise. That is why it is critical to find verified loan apps in India that have a successful track record.

We’d like to walk you through some of the most popular instant loan apps in India.

10 Best Personal Loan Apps for Instant Approval

Here are the top personal loan apps in India:

  • Fullerton Instaloan App

Fullerton India is an NBFC based in Singapore that has generated an extensive database of customers in India through its user-friendly app interface. They have successfully financed over 3.6 million customers through their loan app, which is hassle-free and completely paperless. Users can apply for an unsecured Instant Loan of up to Rs 25 Lakh at an interest rate starting from 11.99%.

The best part about their Loan app is its easy download from google play store, documentation uploading and approval process all are easy.. Once the loan gets approved, you will receive the amount directly into your bank account within 24 hours. The app provides a flexible repayment tenure between 12-60 months, depending on the loan amount. 

  • MoneyTap Loan App

MoneyTap is another loan app in India that offers an exciting feature: a no-usage-no-interest feature. So, if a customer borrows five lakhs of loan amount and utilizes only two lakhs, he would pay interest on two lakhs only. They offer a flexible loan repayment tenure between 2 to 36 months. 

  • PaySense Loan App

PaySense is another instant cash app where one can apply for a loan of up to five lakhs based on their need. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to submit the necessary KYC documents as well as your loan application. The best part about this loan app is the minimum eligibility criteria: no credit score needed, No collateral required, and pretty low-interest rates. 

  • IndiaLends Loan App

IndiaLends provides instant personal loans to customers with a loan approval disbursal policy within 48 hours. Not just personal loans, but the app also offers different types and classes of loans based on a person’s need. It has a lower interest rate of up to 3%, and you can apply for a loan for up to 50 lakhs. 

F. Money View Loan App

Money View offers a 100% paperless option for submitting loan applications through their instant loan app. They provide up to five lakhs loans with nominal interest rates and a loan disbursal policy of 24 hours. Their app provides features such as a built-in expense tracker system and bill payment reminders. 

G. KreditBee Loan App

It is the best instant loan app for young professionals willing to take a quick personal loan of up to 1 lakh with competitive interest rates. Once the application is submitted and approved, the loan disbursal is done within 15 minutes. 

H. CASHe Loan App

You can apply for a quick loan if you are a salaried professional through the CASHe instant loan app of up to two lakhs. They offer instant loan disbursal with a repayment tenure between15 days to 6 months. You can even calculate the loan EMI through the calculator on the app.

I.  NIRA Loan App

It is a fintech company that offers loan amounts of up to 1 lakh to salaried individuals. The repayment period can range from three months to one year.

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J. Dhani Loan App

The loan app provides a loan amount of up to 15 lakh with a repayment period based on the amount borrowed. It provides a nominal interest rate starting at 12%.

K. Early Salary Loan App

It is a fintech company based in Pune that offers a loan amount of up to two lakhs with an interest rate as low as 2% per month through its app.

So the next time you’re in a cash crisis, turn to these instant loan apps for help.

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