Top 5 Reasons to Archive Employee Mobile Communication in 2021

Many businesses across various industries were forced to adapt the remote working setup – a way to continue business operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic while ensuring employees’ safety at their home’s confinement.   

The rapid shift to the new working model provided challenges for many enterprises. One significant problem is the widespread use of mobile devices when working. Mobile phones are compact, versatile, and easy to use. As such, it effectively facilitates business communications.

In October 2021, WhatsApp, with 2 billion active users, saw that 100 million messages are sent daily, including voice and video calls. Aside from WhatsApp, the usage of mobile messaging applications such as WeChat, Telegram, and Signal has significantly increased. All of which can benefit the business but can negatively affect companies without due diligence.

Even before the pandemic, the use of mobile devices in accessing confidential data and other business-related content had been alarming. While it is the easiest way to connect, organizations must prohibit it for business use or better yet, establish Verizon text archiving solutions to record and archive mobile communication.

Retaining mobile communication does not just help an organization adhere to compliance regulations but also helps safeguard business data and prevent data loss, ensuring sensitive information stays securely within the organization.

It can also provide companies an overview of all mobile communication data by easily accessing text messages and phone call logs, letting them know if employees are remaining compliant with corporate policies.

Today, archiving solutions have capabilities to archive electronic communications beyond emails as it includes mobile-generated content. A great mobile solution archiving solution can capture and retain phone calls, voicemail, MMS, and SMS, from various mobile carriers and can support both Android and iOS applications.

Learn more about why it is important to archive mobile communication by reading this infographic from TeleMessage.

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