Top 5 Google Reviews Examples On Website And Its Benefits

What comes to mind first when you’re looking for a shoe brand or a haircut service?

Without a question, pick up the phone and check out the brand’s user reviews! Isn’t that so?

In today’s digital age, there are a plethora of online review sites that may assist firms in engaging and converting potential consumers. Google reviews, on the other hand, have risen to become the most popular online reviews source.

The considerable shift of potential customers from leveraging the brand’s promotional content to using the validation of existing customers has encouraged brands to publish Google customer reviews on their websites.

In this post, we will be guiding you through the best Google reviews examples for your website. Additionally, we shall also be shedding light on the advantages of including this strategy in your business. 

What Are Google Customer Reviews?

Simply said, Google allows businesses to build a Google My Business page where customers can offer important feedback and share their experiences with the company.

Embedding Google reviews on a website is a popular method for businesses looking to improve their brand reputation and show how highly their consumers regard their items.

Further collecting and embedding a Google review widget on your website can offer a few amazing benefits like never seen before. As you read the rest of the article, we’ll point out the numerous advantages.

Tagembed – The Best Choice For Embedding Google Reviews


If you’re looking for a way to compile your customers’ essential feedback, Tagembed is a good place to start.

Tagembed, a popular social media aggregation tool, allows users to gather, curate, and embed material from a variety of sources, including Google reviews. The user’s chosen connection type can be used to aggregate the reviews. Users have the option of aggregating material from Google Places or Google My Business.

Furthermore, users may alter the appearance of the widget to their liking. Users may choose from a choice of fonts, colors, themes, and layouts, among other things. The tool’s profanity filter may be used to keep the quality of the content in control.

Other benefits of Tagembed include automatic content updates and a strong back support team to assist users if they have a problem while using the tool.

A few theme ideas that may be kept in mind while designing the Google review widget are shown below. The good thing is that Tagembed also provides all of the theme choices.

5 Best Examples To Embed Google Reviews On Your Website 

1. Review Carousel 

The Review Carousel option is the first Google review example that we’ll look at. Carousels have been popular on social media platforms because they allow users to view a range of content at once.

Using the Review carousel theme to include Google reviews allows website users to read one opinion at a time and swipe to read more.

2. Review Box 

Next, the Review box theme is an excellent way to include Google reviews examples on your website. This theme allows businesses to display samples of Google consumer reviews in the form of a square box.

The best feature of the theme is that it allows businesses to insert many reviews at once. This theme allows the brand to display the users’ star ratings as well as their comments in a cohesive way at the same time.

3. Widget (Sidebar) 

Users can insert Google customer review samples in the style of a sidebar widget using this option. This theme choice is ideal for displaying on product pages or if your website is running a special bargain.

You can use a review sidebar widget on your website to convert your visitors into current clients would be a good idea. Customers who are apprehensive about making a purchase may read the reviews and make their decision.

4. Testimonial Slider 

The Testimonial slider is one of the most appealing ways to get customer feedback on the website. Customer reviews are shown in a thorough fashion with ratings in rectangular boxes in the testimonial slider widget.

It allows visitors to your website to have a better knowledge of your brand from the user’s point of view. Along with it, the slider adds to the website’s appeal, structure, and presentation.

5. Snap Card 

Snap Card is the final theme option on the list. This theme is one of the most popular and well-liked alternatives since it allows users to display samples of Google online reviews in the form of cards.

This theme is visually appealing and easily captures the attention of website visitors, finding it challenging to ignore the Google reviews.

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On The Website 

1. Enhance your company’s reputation

A brand’s reputation is its most precious asset. It has the power to build or shatter a company’s fortune. Furthermore, the brand’s reputation is built by its customers.

Existing customers are a brand’s most powerful advocates, and nothing can be more compelling and strong than their endorsement of your items and their quality. As websites serve as a primary point of engagement between your company and its potential customers, aggregating and embedding Google review samples on your website may help you improve your brand’s reputation.

2. Google reviews assist to boost the website’s overall visibility

A brand’s website, in addition to textual material, must be appealing to the eye. If your website is poorly displayed and lacking in aesthetics, visitors may lose interest in your brand.

When you have Google reviews examples on your website that are well-customized and formatted, your website visitors are more likely to feel compelled to investigate your site further, resulting in a higher level of engagement.

3. Build Your Brand’s Social Proof 

User-Generated Content, or content provided by current customers of a brand, is what Google customer reviews come under. Because this form of material is unscripted and made by the customers, it aids in the development of social proof for businesses.

Displaying the brand’s social proof is a smart choice since it helps website visitors trust the brand. More than 85% of potential buyers prefer the recommendations of existing customers above the brand’s own material! The more customers trust you, the more sales and conversions you’ll get.

Final Thoughts 

Did you know that more than 92 percent of buyers are hesitant to purchase a product from a new business if there are no user reviews? Isn’t it eye-opening?

This concludes this article, and you now understand the importance of Google Customer Reviews, as well as the best Google reviews examples that you can use to add reviews to your website!

So, what are you waiting for? Instantly embed Google reviews samples on your website and be amazed at the positive outcome. 

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