Top 19 Strategies for Beating Escape Room Games 


So, you have been looking for some worthwhile strategies to beat your next escape room session and leave no room for defeat and bad luck, right? Don’t worry, this blog right here has got all your respective concerns covered. Check this out! 

Right Team Size 

The number of players needed to complete an escape activity is never the maximum allowed; even if a game indicates it can accommodate up to 12, it doesn’t imply you need that many players to finish it. Choose the appropriate size for your squad. 

The Right People 

Having an incredible time with the other players is what makes your escape game session truly fantastic. Each one brings something unique to the table, therefore solving an escape room necessarily needs selecting a compatible team. 

Stay Positive 

Escape rooms are designed to be difficult. It couldn’t be as thrilling if it were very simple. You will have a much better chance of escaping successfully if you maintain your good attitude and view barriers as chances to shine. 


Understanding the rules can genuinely assist you succeed in a room because they are there for your security. Even though following the rules may seem tedious, there are times when doing so can guide you. 

No Taking Over 

Leadership is crucial, but taking complete control is the worst kind of leading. It’s fantastic if you naturally take the lead within your team. Just keep in mind that your entire team must work together for success. 


For an escape room to be successfully completed, communication is essential. Without communication, you may overlook certain puzzle pieces. 


The fact that all The Escape Game Pigeon Forge have integrated clues and hints is one of their best features. You always have access to your own private game master, who can offer advice and guide you whenever you get stuck. 


It’s best to stick to that trail of hints. Avoid becoming unduly distracted by the surroundings. Keep your attention on the hint you are analysing at the moment.  

Timing It 

To ensure that you’ve got enough time for checking in, complete waivers, use the bathroom, and get ready for your challenge, arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the event. 

Theme Strategy 

Although escape puzzles can be solved regardless of background knowledge, having a strong understanding of the subject can boost the team’s confidence and speed up the solving of clues. Consider the room’s degree of difficulty into account. 

Weigh Strengths 

In a pre-game meeting, it is beneficial to go over every player’s ability and discipline. Take time to discuss strengths before you enter the space or start the timer. 

The Game Guide 

The game guide offers the team guidance on how to tackle riddles. Participants occasionally need to directly request assistance. Thus, it is crucial to pay attention to the game masters. 

Time Tracking 

Take note of the minutes because these rooms have timed tasks. A single participant can be in charge of keeping the time, or you can create recurring alarms. 

Keeping Composed 

When pressed to decide quickly, individuals may hesitate, give up, or behave negligently. The secret to succeeding is to keep your composure and confidence. Time will go by in either case, and failing to escape the room will only result in bruised egos. 

Letters & Symbols 

Keep track of any letters, or symbols you stumble upon because these are frequently used in the puzzles. They frequently look out of context in their settings. To make the task more difficult, developers may have numbers and letters merge together. 


Keys are a prevalent clue, while locks are a prominent component of escape rooms. A very popular escape room tip is to gather the keys. Whenever there are several keys, collect them all in one place. 

Task Delegation 

In team challenges like escape rooms, assigning tasks to teammates can speed things up. ‘Delegate and dominate’ is the greatest strategy while working on projects with others at work. 

Weird & Unusual Objects 

Makers can modify a painting’s or book’s wording, alter the text’s font, or add symbols. You can identify significant objects that seem out of place and unearth hints if you have an excellent gift of observation. 


Tossing aside any ego or shyness will help you succeed in an escape room game. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when they are required. Ask questions if any information is unclear or just a little puzzling. 


A strategy and an approach can help you handle the escape room more easily, make the experience more fun, and provide a sense of achievement when you succeed. Additionally, tackling escape rooms strategically helps you develop abilities that you can use in both your professional and personal lives, like staying calm in stressful situations, resolving issues quickly, and cooperating with others.