Toddler Activities at the Best School in Pune

It’s kind of a big deal, for you and your child and perhaps you are going through all of the motions leading up to the big day.  You’ve applied for your child’s place at the best school in Pune, you’ve secured admission at your desired preschool Pune and now you are wondering nervously how you can help prepare them for this massive next step. 

Schools are very good at supporting children in their transition and will always ensure their needs are met. 

Each one of us likes learning through play and our creative learning ideas in this blog are designed to be fun, hands-on, and engaging for the little creative minds. Children enjoy even without the use of a worksheet or math book to learn how to count.

Exploring numbers and counting with your child can be done at an early age and can be made a part of everyday life. There are loads of fun and easy things that can help your child to explore numbers, giving them a great start to developing early numeracy skills and concepts.

Children will recite numbers before they actually understand the concept behind them when taught in their early years. Though every child is different, most toddlers will be able to count till 10 by the time they are two years old. 

At this point, they are probably repeating them mostly by memory and are yet to understand what they actually mean.

Here Are a Few Top Counting Activities for Preschoolers at the Best School in Pune:-

Beans and Flowerpots –

Children have fun playing with these beans and flower pots counting activities using the simplest of materials. This excellent activity is hands-on math for preschoolers to school-age children, which can easily be adapted to become more challenging if needed.

Coin Counting Game –

To encourage counting for preschoolers, let them count coins. At the same time, we can work on sorting the coins by size and on learning the different values of the coins. Each of these is a mathematical concept that will develop over time.

Read Counting Books –

Children can enjoy stimulating picture books with stories based on numbers. Reading these activity books helps them to progress with numbers while having fun so they will quickly learn to recognize numbers, their names, and their digits, as well as learn how to write them.

Magnetic Fishing Game –

A unique magnetic pole to go fishing for magnetic fish in this game is used and children are encouraged to count the fishes caught by them. This not only will encourage them in counting, but it will also help them with their hand-eye coordination.

100 Square Activities –

One very inexpensive counting activity resource children get a huge amount of use and value from is the humble 100 square. It excellently boosts children’s confidence and number awareness, whilst encouraging lots of mathematical languages. It also develops their understanding of numbers and counting and how numbers work together.

Playing Board Games –

Many children’s board games can help them with counting. Dice games provide an outstanding opportunity to count and add numbers together. Snakes and ladders can have children counting from about 20 all the way up to 100, depending on the size of the board. Asking them questions such as ‘how many spaces do you need to advance to win’ can stimulate their mathematical thinking.

Math in the early years is a crucial stepping stone for developing children, which is why it is so important that the little ones can explore and experience it at preschool Pune in an enjoyable way.

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