Things to Remember While Taking Dance Lessons

Marriage is supposed to be one of the most special and cherished events in your life and you need to spend more time to arrange your wedding event. As for the wedding dance, if everything else is so meticulous, why shouldn’t this one be?

Bridal dance is something most of us wish to ace and often, couples go for bridal dance lessons to achieve that purpose. But not all lessons are fruitful. So, to ensure you enjoy through your bridal dance lessons and not give way to exhaustion and unnecessary conflict, you need to choose some best dance classes in your town. In this case, you can search such dance classes online and learn from some online tutorials. But to learn proper dance steps, coordination between partners is very important and you can easily learn these skills from the physical dance classes.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Dance Classes

It is not a very good idea to practice with a random partner to surprise the bridegroom with your moves on the wedding day, even if he is a pro at dancing. That’s because everyone does it differently, and each couple has a unique chemistry on the floor. Talk to your future spouse about this, so that both of you can be mentally prepared for the investment of time and energy.

#1. Choosing the Right Coach: Do research well before taking bridal dance lessons from any dance instructor. It is best to discuss with him/her the time you have on your hands, the exact purpose you are here for, and physical limitations or discomforts, if any. If possible, select a place that’s roughly equidistant from both of your houses.

#2. No Pain, No Gain: In case you’re not someone who engages in some extent of physical activity on a daily basis, you are likely to experience some muscle cramps and minor bodily inconveniences during or after the first few bridal dance lessons. It is best to get involved in some simple stretching and muscle relaxing exercises before plunging into practice sessions. Most of the dance teachers can help you to learn some normal exercise and body rotation. You must do some body rotations before start your practice.

#3. Mastering the Basics: Some hyper-excited learners tend to just gloss over the basics to reach the more complex steps. Unless each small move is executed with perfection, both of you are going to look clumsy in front of the crowd. Always remember that the slow and steady wins the race and do not try any complex steps if your feel uncomfortable.

#4. Picking out Suitable Tracks: Marriage ceremonies usually have slow, romantic numbers, and there are a couple of generic songs that are used during the newly-wed couple dance. Sticking to the convention is not indispensable, and you may pick out something that is offbeat but special for your partner. Choose more songs than you intend to dance to on your big day. See which one(s) the two of you are most comfortable with, and finalize them.

#5. Personalizing Dance Moves: The steps taught by your bridal dance lessons’ instructor are not ironclad, so feel free to choreograph your own dance by combining various discrete dance forms and/or steps, keeping track of basic aspects like the beat, rhythm, and tempo.

It may so happen that either of you is unable to learn with the same pace as the other, in which case it is advisable to keep your cool and be sensitive to the situation. If anything causes physical discomfort (for instance, some women continue to feel dizzy after spins even after continual rehearsals), it is best to discard that segment of the dance, or limit its duration.

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