The Ultimate School Finder’s Handbook for Singapore Cambridge Preschool

Are you thinking about relocating to Singapore? Are you searching for a school for your child for the 2022-23 school year? Choosing a Singapore local school admission for foreign students can be difficult

This is especially true when there are more than 90 international schools to choose from. It’s not an easy decision to make with IB, UK, US, Indian, French, Australian, Dutch, Japanese, German, and Singaporean curricula-led institutions, tuition fees ranging from less than $15,000 to more than $40,000, and school campuses in every neighbourhood.

What is the curriculum followed by international schools in Singapore?

A majority of expats in Singapore send their children to international schools like Cambridge preschool. There are the most International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in the country, with 28 offering the IB Diploma Programme. Other schools adhere to the UK National Curriculum and the educational systems of the United States, Germany, France, Australia, India, Switzerland, Japan, and the Netherlands. 

International schools accept students of all nationalities, while some may give pupils of certain nationalities priority entry. Singaporean students must obtain special permission from the Ministry of Education to study abroad.

Where can I enrol my child in preschool?

Singapore local school admission for foreign students provides pre-school education for children as young as two months old and as old as five years. Children can benefit from being a part of a larger school environment with all of the opportunities an all-through school provides. Access to sports and arts facilities and after-school activities, and multilingual programmes are examples of these. A Cambridge preschool presents professional topics, such as Mandarin, swimming, music, dance, PE, and special access facilities that smaller nurseries cannot provide.

There is also a large range of standalone pre-schools around the city-state, which may provide smaller class sizes, lower teacher-to-student ratios, and more charm and warmth.

Can I apply to a Singapore Ministry of Education-run school?

The short answer is yes, and there are various reasons you should send your child to a local school. Annual prices for expats range from $8,000 to $15,000, less than half of what most international schools charge. Local schools will immerse your child in the local culture, provide a world-class curriculum with a great reputation for math and science, and emphasise learning Mandarin.

However, the time for non-Permanent Resident (PR) foreigners to apply for Primary 1 for the 2022 academic year has passed, and the Ministry of Education does not accept late applications. It is important to note that there is fierce rivalry for spaces in future years, and priority is given to Singaporeans and those with PR status.

How much does education cost in Singapore?

Singapore local school admission for foreign students range from $40,000 to a mid-range of $20-30,000 to roughly $10-15,000 at some city-lower-cost states or cheaper schools.

There is no set pricing structure in Singapore for international schools, so always check the school’s overall charges. Parents pay an average of $6,000 to acquire a primary or secondary spot at one of the country’s 70+ foreign schools. This includes an average $1,300 fee only to fill out the school’s application form.

Many schools in Singapore impose an annual or one-time facility or building fee, sometimes known as a capital or development levy, in addition to annual tuition rates. Other costs include travel, technology, field excursions, and uniforms.

What documentation will I be required to submit when applying to an international school?

The majority of schools will require the following:

·   Application form, completed and signed (this may be completed online or as a hard copy, depending on the school)

·   Application fee (the average charge in Singapore is $1,500; however, the precise cost can be found on the school’s website).

·   Photographs of your child the size of a passport

·   A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate from any country is required.

·   Passport photocopy for the child

·   Passport photocopies for both parents

·   A photocopy of the child’s immigration status/visa is required (Dependent Pass, Student Pass, Permanent Resident Re-Entry Permit, Diplomatic Pass or Immigration Exemption Order)

·   Photocopies of parents’ immigration status and visas (Employment Pass, Dependant Pass, PR Pass, or Diplomatic Pass)

·   Official Transfer Certificates or report cards for the current year and the two previous years (officially translated and notarised if not in English)

·   Speech/language evaluations/records, educational psych testing, or learning needs evaluations/records (if applicable)

·   Employment guarantee letter (if your employer is paying school fees)

·   Documents about legal custody (if parents are divorced)

All documentation must be in English or a certified translation and submitted to the institution.

In a Nutshell

In Singapore, your child can get a good education for a reasonable price like Cambridge preschool. Looking at the price tag alone will not tell you whether or not a school is right for you. 

Singapore local school admission for foreign students would provide them a well-rounded, multicultural education. This USP will put them on track to excel in all aspects of life to prepare them best to meet the demands of a complex, 21st-century society.

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