The Travel Items You Don’t Actually Need

The items you bring when traveling seem simple but are actually very important. Besides the necessary things to carry, you also need to leave a few things to save space. Therefore, to have a convenient and fun trip, please follow the following article. We will share with you a list of unnecessary items to bring when traveling. Make sure that you can comfortably enjoy the most meaningful moments of rest and relaxation.

Towels and toilet paper

Maybe you just prefer to use a certain brand of shampoo. But the best way to travel light is to pack enough basic toiletries and leave the rest at home. If you stay at a hotel, most will have necessary toiletries such as shampoo, soap, mineral spray, toothbrush, razor, and toothpaste. In case they don’t have one, just look for them in convenience stores down the road, sometimes they’re even cheaper than buying them at home. Similarly, 99% of hotels have towels, if not, you can borrow them for a small amount of money. During the holiday season, there are many discount codes and coupons for hotel services, it will help you save more to experience a fully-furnished trip.

Local travel guidebook

Reading is one of the best ways to pass the time on the go. But books tend to be heavy and take up a lot of unnecessary space in a suitcase, so bringing just one is enough. The same goes for travel guidebooks, tourist guide websites all have apps with offline functions, you can download information on that app to your device when there’s WiFi. Google maps work similarly. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to communicate with the locals and discover many things that few people know about.

Don’t bring a lot of shampoos

Even if you think about traveling, you also have to take care of your appearance, so you should not bring too many different shampoos. You can bring a comb, toothbrush, hair balm… If you are staying at a hotel, there will be free shampoo, brush, and toothpaste.

Don’t bring a hairdryer

Women often have to pay attention to their hair to look neater. However, it is not recommended to bring a hairdryer on vacation. Even compact dryers are annoying, taking up a lot of suitcase space. If your hotel doesn’t have a hairdryer, just let it dry on its own while you’re out on the town.

Minimal technological devices

Traveling is to rest, have fun, so why do you carry a lot of technology devices and then bury your head in them? Think before you put it in your laptop, iPad, smartphone, and kindle backpack. Taking only what you need will make your bag lighter. And allows you to enjoy your free time without any distractions.

Choosing the right jeans

Jeans are very comfortable, dynamic, durable, and can be combined with many different tops. However, they are also heavy and take up a lot of space in a backpack or suitcase. Jeans can be worn for a few days without washing. So you only need to bring about 2 or 3 pieces.


As women when traveling, we always prepare ourselves with skincare products or makeup. But the advice here is that you bring only the products you need for daily use and do not bring more. Because limiting frequently used products will help you save a lot of space in your suitcase.

Jewelry and precious items

Jewelry and valuables are sometimes not essential items. If you don’t want to lose it, don’t take it with you when you travel. Even if your hotel room has a safe, or you are extremely cautious when crossing the street, there are always countless possibilities for you to lose or drop valuables. These items make you the target of robbers and pickpockets. If cell phones can cover most of your needs, don’t bring other things like laptops or tablets.

Too much junk food

Everyone wants to bring their favorite food with them on the trip. But travel means immersing yourself in new and unfamiliar cultural experiences, so does food. Always carry a fresh spirit of eating and leave a stockpile at home.

Do not bring professional cameras 

Artistic photos always make tourists excited. But DSLR cameras and lenses are too big and heavy and are unnecessary items, unless you are a professional photographer, you will not need those things. Most small cameras work well, you can still take great pictures. The quality of today’s travel cameras has improved a lot, they can all zoom and focus as well as professional cameras.


Carefully preparing the necessary items will save you time and effort for the trip. In addition, leaving unnecessary items will help you be more convenient and neat. Hope the article will help you have more useful travel experiences. And don’t forget to use discount codes, coupons for travel services to save more.

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