The quality of the school is not ensured

Schools will start in a few months from now and millions of children will enter school. Then everything should be ready — books, bags, uniforms, and other necessities. But there is one important thing that parents may not provide: school safety. Unfortunately, this is often ignored or downplayed. While most parents already know where they want their children to go when school reopens, few do anything to make education a priority. It’s not a problem. This could lead to an accident that leaves the student dead and disabled.

What else do you need to prepare

 in addition to books and bags? Here are some things to keep in mind to protect your kids at school. Most universities have good policies, but some may have low ratings when it comes to safety policies. To verify this, go to the school of your choice anonymously and check out the gym, bathroom, kitchen and playground. Consumers Digest recommends checking out these. Check smoke alarms, emergency evacuation plans and fire doors for easy access. Each swimming pool or pool must be fenced and children must be supervised at all times.

There are good playgrounds for children

 in schools and playgrounds; Toys for children under the age of three should not allow any particles to enter the child’s mouth. 꽁머니 should be fenced and there should be a safe drop-proof area under all toys (eight to 10 inches from the type of cover provided by the National Campaign for Insurance for Children).Wooden wheelchairs are not recommended because they can bite children’s teeth. The temperature of the tap water should not exceed 120 degrees Celsius.

The kitchen should be kept clean and the food staff healthy.

Immunization records should be required of all children, and school policies should not include participation by sick children. Parents may have an emergency leave letter to sign, and at least one staff member must be proficient in CPR.”It’s also important to find the best place for your child to use for visual entertainment.” Examples include stadiums, playgrounds and community spaces. “And it rarely helps in an accident,” he said. That’s what Dr. McCarthy said. David E. McCarthy Larson, president of Mayo Clinic Family Health Books.

Buses or family cars near school grounds

 Can be especially dangerous for children if you are not careful. Many students die in accidents every year. How can you protect your children? Learn in part two of this series.

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