The importance of hiring good health insurance to take care of our health


The arrival of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 made us more aware than ever of the importance of taking care of our health and being able to count on the best medical assistance services. In addition, Spain has public healthcare of a magnificent quality. At the same time, the offer of private medicine constitutes, for a large number of citizens of our country, an excellent complement that allows them to access consultations, tests or diagnoses from professionals and first-rate hospital centers with great speed and efficiency.


The commitment to innovation, digitization or improvement of the customer experience have allowed MAPFRE to exceed one million insured in the health branch, after several years of constant activity. These good results are the result of its determination to listen carefully to its customers, to find out first-hand about their needs and to always be able to give them the most appropriate response.

For this reason, they have increasingly included new services and products until they have become the company with the most complete offer in the entire Spanish market. Among its wide range of health insurance, we find various proposals, from the most complete that allow the doctor’s free choice, through the reimbursement modality, to the most affordable, as you choose, with access to the best medical specialists, diagnostic tests and the latest in telemedicine.

More coverage for this 2022

By 2022, MAPFRE continues to expand its coverage, including new services, such as psychotherapy treatments in the case of bullying or the colon cancer screening test, which is part of its innovative preventive medicine program. Likewise, it has expanded its catalog of prostheses and implants, introducing two new types of orthopedics for the hand: the interphalangeal and the metacarpophalangeal.


It also makes available to its clients new solutions such as robotic surgery in cases of cancer that involve the removal of lung lobes, as well as prophylactic surgery of the contralateral breast, in the case of breast cancer of genetic origin. To all this must be added the expansion of health coverage up to 15,000 euros in Travel Assistance.


More benefits without prior authorization

MAPFRE is firmly committed to offering more and more agility and efficiency in procedures. For this reason, its policyholders can now access the medical specialties of osteopathy, podiatry and childbirth preparation, among others, without the need to request prior authorization. Currently, 9 out of 10 diagnostic imaging tests are already available without having to carry out any paperwork.


For the specialties that do require authorizations, such as MRIs or rehabilitation treatments, the company makes different channels available to its customers, such as customer service telephone numbers, offices, the Customer Area of ​​its website or the app. MAPFRE Cheers. On the other hand, for more than a year, procedures related to benefits such as surgical interventions or resonances can already be carried out by the doctors themselves, through a digital portal of health professionals, which prevents the insured from having to deal with these issues.


The advantages of Savia, MAPFRE’s digital platform

The pandemic has inevitably contributed to accelerating the digitization process in many areas. In medicine, the incorporation of new technologies has been extremely useful, making it easier for the patient to more comfortably manage everything related to their health and obtain immediate answers to their doubts and queries. Before the arrival of the coronavirus, MAPFRE already began to work in this area, as demonstrated by the creation in 2019 of Savia, its platform specialized in digital health services.


Savia allows the possibility of self-managing any online procedure and also of having the advantages of 24-hour telemedicine, leaving behind risks, waiting and travel, thanks to video consultation services, medical chats, online analytics or access to medical reports. Thus, we will be able to carry out consultations in a simple way, speak with a specialist in real time or use a symptom evaluator to obtain initial information.


In medicine, the incorporation of new technologies has been extremely useful

Savia offers a hospitalization compensation policy, which guarantees an economic amount for each day that the patient is admitted to a hospital, and which also includes all online medical consultation services, both general medicine and specialties, access to medical record or electronic prescription, and on-site and home medical care.


Recently, it has also incorporated the option of interpreting the analyzes of the patients through its app. Likewise, among the video consultation services, we find psychological care, which makes it possible to make appointments with a specialist and have a follow-up from the same professional.


MAPFRE currently has agreements with more than 270 subsidized medical centers and more than 31,000 professionals. In addition, their clients can also go to the 15 own centers that they have spread throughout the country. In the latter, they have already incorporated the possibility of performing COVID-19 antibody detection tests.


The company has also collaborated in the creation of free insurance to protect some 5,000 health workers against the pandemic, in addition to helping to alleviate the economic and social consequences derived from its appearance and supporting research.