The Global Used Vehicle Industry Generated $ 1.25 Tn Revenue In 2022-Explore, How The Market Will Further Shape In Future? : Ken Research

Inflation, High price of new vehicles, Availability of used vehicles at lower prices are major factors contributing towards development of Global Used Vehicle Market.

1. Data reveals that COVID-19 has affected the demand for Used Vehicles in a highly positive manner all over the globe

Global Used Vehicle Market

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Due to the impact of COVID-19, there has been a substantial decrease in the denominator (new vehicle sales) while the numerator, i.e., the pre-owned vehicle market, has been relatively stable. In 2020, the market became much distorted that used vehicle prices became comparable with the cost of brand-new vehicles. Supply and stock problems coupled with high prices are pushing the customers towards the used vehicle market. After falling to $ 600 Bn in early 2020 it since pushed all-time highs of $ 1.25 Tn in 2022.

2. Popularity of used vehicles among mid aged consumers

Global Used Vehicle MarketAccording to the analysis, individuals in the age group 30-60 acquired more than 50% of the used vehicle sales volume. The demand is basically fueled by the consumers not wanting to buy new vehicles due to several factors, including the cost of licenses, and the decline in the vehicle’s value once they are licensed. It is to be noted that younger generation (18-30) accounted for the second most preferred used vehicle sales volume while the older generation (>60) accounted for only a small percent of the sales volume.

3. The future comprises much of digital dominance- “The role of social media on global used vehicle market”

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The global Used Vehicle Market is almost entirely dependent on social media. Vehicle dealers use blogs to generate traffic to their website from search engine results pages. They often put-up educational content related to vehicles maintenance, help guides, knowledge material in order to create a brand presence which helps them in the long run. Moreover, unlike online portals and market places, social media provides an opportunity to dealers to advertise their vehicles for free which in turn increases their profit. Social media platforms like Facebook (60% dominance), Twitter (20% dominance), YouTube (20% dominance), etc. are also used by individuals involved in C2C purchases. Also, major dealerships use this platform to announce promotional offers and local events which increases their popularity among the masses.

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Global Used Vehicle Market

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