The accurate solutions of QuickBooks error 108

QuickBooks can easily handle all the complex accounting tasks of a business. The software uses a checking account to process transactions and other financial tasks. The users have to register their bank accounts in QuickBooks, through which they will also download the transactions and access their bank feeds. The software sometimes fails to execute these tasks thanks to a failed reference to the bank servers. QuickBooks error 108 emerges within the software because of an unread update, news, or message on the bank’s website. If you’re also managing this error in your QuickBooks, read the whole blog to find its causes & the methods to rectify it.

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About the error

This is a slip-up associated with the checking account you utilize in QuickBooks. This error indicates that there’s any update or message on the bank’s website regarding your account that needs some user action. You’ll be blocked from accessing the bank feeds or downloading the transactions until you take a look at the unread notification your checking account has received on the web site. However, in some cases, the error emerges because of network connectivity issues too. You don’t have to worry as this error is easily fixed after visiting your bank’s website.


Some other reasons you would possibly are probably troubled by this error are-

  1. Poor internet speed can disrupt the reference to your bank servers.
  2. The browser you’re using is unsupported for QuickBooks, or the net settings are blocking the connection.
  3. Unattended notification on the bank’s website that needs some user action.

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The methods to urge obviate this error quickly from your QuickBooks are given below-

Solution 1- Visit your bank’s website and check for any new update messages

The primary reason for the event of this error in QuickBooks is that the unattended notification on the bank’s website, mainly associated with any service you employ, mastercard, and new offers. you wish to go to the web site and take the desired action to forestall this error from occurring again within the future. Follow the steps given below-

  1. Visit your bank’s website within the browser.
  2. Log in to your account using your credentials.
  3. After you’re logged in, check for any new update or message from the bank.
  4. Take any action required by following the directions given by the web site.
  5. After you’ve got acknowledged all of them, reopen QuickBooks.

If the error continues to be present while accessing your bank feeds, try the following method.

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Solution 2- Update the connection to your bank

You’ll should update the reference to your bank to urge eliminate this error. Follow the steps given below-

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Online and click on on the Bookkeeping option.
  2. Tap Transactions and choose Bank Transactions.
  3. Click on the Update link.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and reopen QBO after you’re done.

The issue are resolved, and you’ll be able to execute all the tasks associated with your bank.

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We created this blog with everything you would like to understand about QuickBooks error 108. the explanations for this error are mentioned, together with the adequate methods to eliminate it. We hope the error was fixed after using the methods, and your QBO is running error-free.

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