The 5 Best Mayan Ruins in Mexico

If you are visiting the country, you should make a trip to one of the 5 Best Mayan Ruins in Mexico. The buildings of this ancient city are filled with ornate stone mosaics and have been remarkably well preserved. This Unesco World Heritage site includes the Pyramid of the Magician, the Governor’s Palace, and the House of the Birds and Turtles. Krystal International Vacation Club reviews you can find information on these ruins on Insight Guides’ Yutacan trip, including Uxmal.

Some of the most famous Mayan sites in Mexico are located on islands. The most famous is in the Maya city of Tikal. You can visit the lesser-known Tulum Maya site in the south of Mexico. These ruins are accessible via a tower that is located just behind it. If you climb the tower, you can view a beautiful lagoon that is not too crowded. There are some other smaller Maya sites in Mexico that you may also want to visit.

The walls of Edzna may have been constructed around 600BC, but the city itself was not settled until the second century AD. This ancient Mayan city was located on the Usumacinta River, which made it a rival to Tikal. Its carved stone lintels also give you an excellent view of the ruins. If you’re traveling in Mexico, visit some Mayan ruins and see the incredible history of these ancient civilizations.

Chichen Itza is one of the best-known Mayan ruins in Mexico. The complex contains many pyramids and represents the Maya civilization at its height. While significant, Chichen Itza is often overcrowded, especially during the peak tourist season. Despite the vast number of Mayan ruins, you can visit all five daily. There are special night light shows at Chichen Itza as well.

El Mirador is considered the “Lost City of the Maya.” The ruins of El Mirador were only discovered in 1926, and they are now covered in jungle, explains Krystal International Vacation Club reviews. The ruins were founded in the sixth century BC, but they rose to their peak of glory a few hundred years later. It was eventually destroyed and rediscovered. It is possible to tour its hundreds of buildings, including the Dante pyramid complex.

In addition to the Coba Mayan ruins, there is also the Tulum archaeological site. This ancient city is perched on a cliffside overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the best-preserved Mayan ruins in Mexico, and you can visit it while on a cruise ship. Its ruins are set against the backdrop of a Caribbean Sea, making it the perfect location for photos.

The Coba Mayan ruins are an excellent day trip option. You can hike around the site on foot or take a guided tour. In addition, you can enjoy swimming in the Cenote and seeing the excavation process. If you plan to visit the Coba Mayan ruins, make sure you book a tour to see the other ruins. It is one of the best Mayan ruins in Mexico, and you will have a great time!

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