Subscription Based Gaming Market Trends 2023- Global Industry Share, Revenue, Growth Drivers, Business Challenges and Future Investment Strategies Till 2032: SPER Market Research

A subscription-based strategy, which entails users subscribing to join the game and paying a regular monthly price to access the games and additional perks, is one of the revenue methods that has grown in popularity for monetizing games. Micro transactions and paid downloads can be used by operators of subscription-based gaming services to monetize an engaged audience and a reliable source of income. This lowers the risk connected with the consistent release of high-quality premium games. 

According to SPER market research, Subscription Based Gaming Market Size– By Device Type, By Game Type- Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Segment Forecast to 2032 state that the Subscription Based Gaming Market is predicted to reach USD 31.77 billion by 2032 with a CAGR of 13.04%.  

Online gaming has advanced thanks to recent technical advancements to the point where there is now barely a difference between reality and fiction. The player’s minds have been aroused by the game’s excitement, originality, and design. Due to their distinctive experiences and higher levels of player satisfaction, subscription-based games are becoming more and more popular as a result of rapid technical advancements. 

The number of mobile gaming players worldwide has increased as a result of the accessibility of high-quality smartphones. Users’ expectations for mobile gaming are consistently increasing as more people gain access to smartphones and the internet. The number of people playing mobile-based subscription games has increased as a result of technological advancements in smartphones, such as broader screens, more storage capacity, and high RAM integration. Even though casual games are still popular, hard-core gamers’ phone screen time has significantly grown. 

However, the fact that developers must concentrate on delivering more engaging environments for the gamers has a significant impact on the subscription-based gaming industry frequently. As customers pay a monthly subscription for the product, they anticipate greater benefits. For the benefit of the customers, the company entities must constantly update and offer fresh themes or material. This is essential for the company if they want to stay in business for a long time because people are likely to become disinterested and bored with features that have been around for a while. 

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Impact of COVID-19 on Subscription Based Gaming Market 

Additionally, there is no doubt that the COVID-19 outbreak has had a major effect on businesses. Businesses and organisations had to adapt their methods of operation to the online working environment. The government compelled people to remain indoors and set strict regulations for them to abide by. People found subscription-based games when they were looking for ways to amuse themselves while still preserving social relationships. Live events made way for live broadcasts during the COVID-19 period as esports changed the way they operated to address the problem. The COVID-19 outbreak benefits the businesses and organisations operating in the subscription-based gaming industry by increasing sales and revenues. 

Subscription Based Gaming Market Key Players:

Geographically, by producing the largest revenue share, the Asia-Pacific region dominated the subscription-based gaming industry. The region provides many potential for the gaming industry thanks to the expansion of autonomous businesses, active business groups, foreign investment, and supporting government regulations. Governmental initiatives may encourage significant foreign investment for partnerships and businesses with top small- and medium-sized gaming companies. Therefore, the faster expansion in this area is a result of this support. Additionally, some of the market key players are Amazon Inc., Apple Inc., Google LLC, Humble Bundle, Microsoft Corporation, NVIDIA Corporation, Shadow, Sony Group Corporation, Others. 

Subscription Based Gaming Market Segmentation:

The SPER Market Research report seeks to give market dynamics, demand, and supply forecast for the years up to 2032. This report contains statistics on product type segment growth estimates and forecasts.

By Device Type: ·  Console

·  PC

·  Smartphone

·  Others

By Game Type: ·  Action

·  Adventure

·  Fighting

·  Racing

·  Role-playing

·  Shooting

·  Sports

·  Others

By Region: ·  North America

·   Europe

·  Asia-Pacific

This study also encompasses various drivers and restraining factors of this market for the forecast period. Various growth opportunities are also discussed in the report.

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Subscription Based Gaming Market Future Opportunity

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