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Highlight your achievements and results:

If you already know how to organize a volleyball tournament, you have to reflect it in your value proposition along with the achievements you have achieved in the past. In addition to this, it includes statistics of the organized events, visits to the page, reach in social networks, number of spectators, number of registered teams and other data that give greater credibility to the proposal.

Generates visibility:

It is not enough just the public that you can get during the tournament. You need to expand your visibility with a good promotion strategy on the web and social networks. Remember that a 해외축구 중계사이트 sponsorship is a commercial transaction, in which companies seek to benefit in some way.

Personalize your sponsorship proposal:

 It is important that you prepare a personalized proposal for each client and not a generic one. When organizing a volleyball tournament , you have to determine the differential factors of your event and know how it can contribute to the marketing strategy of the brands you contact. If they allow you, present the proposal in person, visiting the headquarters of the possible sponsors. Then follow up on the request; That is, if they haven’t contacted you in a reasonable time, call to ask about how they saw your proposal. If they quote you for the second time, it means that the sponsorship interests them.

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Promote your volleyball tournament

Without people it is impossible to mount a tournament, the participants are the key to everything. They are the ones who will give you the money, through the inscriptions, and the ones who will make it possible for your championship to take place. Because of this you need to promote your event in every possible way. The more people know about your tournament, the easier it will be to fill in the registrations, get sponsors, make a profit, etc. With people it will not cost you to organize a volleyball tournament . Here we show you how to organize a volleyball tournament through social networks.

You are now ready to organize a volleyball tournament

You are almost ready to organize a volleyball tournament . It is only necessary to organize the schedules, groups, elimination rounds, etc. Surely the most complicated part of the organization, balancing everything will be your great challenge. To do this, you have several options;

Paper and pen

The traditional format and still used by many. It can be useful and fast, but today it is a format that is gradually being lost. Organizing a large volleyball tournament can be a real challenge. In addition, it may be that, at the moment of truth, something will end up throwing you off balance or you will have some unforeseen event.

Excel templates

One of the most used formats today. Excel templates are very useful for tournament logistics. They offer you to concentrate the entire tournament in one document. In the different spreadsheets you have the classifications, the calendar and the results. But this format still has some drawbacks. You have to invest a lot of time, you need a computer on the day of the tournament, and it is more complicated to follow the tournament for participants and fans. In turn, you have to be constantly updating the template and it takes much longer than it seems.Competize Online Tournament Manager

But in order to focus on the economic and promotional aspects, and focus on the correct evolution of the tournament, Competize takes care of doing it for you.

At Competes we offer you different possibilities to organize a volleyball tournament.

 We take care of organizing the calendars, the classifications, the live results and the statistics. In addition, we offer different options to contract; paid or free, one competition or several, and personalized or general. Forget paper and pen and provide a first class service to your participants. All tournament logistics in a single app. Save time, money and hassle with Competize, the best volleyball tournament manager

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