Spiritual Warfare: Mankind’s Hope in Adversity

Have you ever been in a situation where your mind desires something, and your soul tells you something else? Like a situation where your mind is saying, ‘go for it, only the present moment counts, rest all is an illusion, then your soul says, ‘it’s morally and spiritually not correct, so refrain from doing any such thing?’

Spiritual warfare is when there is a conflict within you between desires and teachings. You can’t decide which to follow as they both make utmost sense and are extremely persuasive. So, in the time of such spiritual warfare, the love of God and his teaching is what guides a man toward the right thing.

What is spiritual warfare?

A believer’s fight of faith against the evil forces of our enemy, Satan, is essentially what spiritual warfare entails. In an effort to destroy our faith, the Devil is constantly working to obstruct, divert attention from, or initiate temptations or challenges. The believer also prepares for and responds to such attacks with spiritual weapons, such as the use of prayer, faith, spiritual authority, and other practices that deepen our relationship with God.

How can you win spiritual warfare?

Complete submission to God

As Jesus said in Bible, “without Me, you can do nothing (John 15:5),” it is apparent that our submission to God is necessary because his holy spirit is the source of our power. But such submission also entails giving up “self” to Him, i.e., our “fleshly nature,” which tends to oppose god’s will and which the devil attacks with his temptations and tricks. “Therefore, be humble before God. The devil will fly from you if you resist him. God will draw near to you if you draw near to him.

Keep gifts of faith

It’s no surprise that gifts of faith are one of the most crucial things a person can own in spiritual warfare. Buying items like the illustrated bible or bible verse cards can help you stay close to god’s teaching and do not let you wander off from the right track. These gifts are one of spiritual warfare’s most important and crucial parts. For example, the Bible verse cards are popular and most widely available spiritual gifts that contain Bible verses. But that’s not all, and a Bible verse card also illustrates the meaning of the verse in a way that easily sticks in a person’s mind and keeps help stay on the path of righteousness.

Prayers and intercession

Although many significant spiritual factors are at play when we discuss spiritual warfare, but prayers – for our lives and for others – is the most crucial of all. The main weapons used by Christians to combat the Devil are prayer and faith. The action that leads the way is faith, and prayer is the element that God needs to step in and take action on our behalf. And God can send His angels to fight and repel the forces of darkness on our behalf as we wage the spiritual conflict on our knees in prayer.

We need spiritual gifts and our faith in God to win spiritual warfare. So, every day we are in a right and wrong situation. Therefore, you can always buy a good spiritual item to keep you near God and always takes you in the right direction.

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