Sonalika DI 745 Sikander III, Latest Price, Tractor HP

The Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander is a strong and reliable 50-horsepower tractor made with advanced technology to help modern farmers. As of 2024, the price for the Sonalika DI 745 Sikander is between Rs. 6.33 – 6.59 lakh* in India. This tractor does a great job in both performance and having lots of useful features. It runs on a 3-cylinder engine at 1900 RPM, providing excellent performance in the field. It’s also good on fuel, giving more power and reaching a top speed of 34.2 mph. The hydraulics, controlled with your fingertips, make sure the plow goes to the right depth, helping crops grow better. For moving on roads, the tractor has a pipe for lifting trolleys quickly through the company-fitted DCV, which is convenient.

The Sonalika 745 III Sikander is unique because it doesn’t lift the front end, making it more stable. It has the strongest backup power without dropping RPM during tough tasks, saving a lot of diesel and money. The tractor’s tough parts need little maintenance, making it cost-effective. The comfy seat makes it easy to use for a long time, and it works well with different tools like plows, cultivators, and rotavators.