Something Special in the Air at Spurs

Tottenham Stadium supporters watched with mounting anticipation as time ticked down at Tottenham Stadium. Following Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho’s dismissals in July there appeared to be an air of positivity permeating throughout the club, perhaps symbolising change at last?

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Heung-Min Son

Son is known to be an exceptionally polite player, always taking time out of his day to offer greetings and smiles to every player in his team. Being such an attentive player, when he scored against Red Star on Sunday it came as no shock when instead of celebrating in front of Spurs fans he walked to a camera, joined his hands together praying-style, then looked straight down the lens.

That is because he recognizes his current form is not bodeing well for Tottenham. Since winning the 2021-22 Premier League Golden Boot with 23 goals, he’s struggled to find his form and is taking less shots and scoring less expected goals this season than usual.

But under Ange Postecoglou’s tutelage, Son has begun showing signs of improvement – which could help save Tottenham’s season if his return to form proves decisive. At least that is the hope.


Renato Velasco saw something in Richarlison that businessman had not noticed previously: his potential. Velasco took him first to Brazil’s second tier club America Mineiro and later into Fluminense where he played alongside Joao Pedro.

Richarlison donned the No 7 shirt at Everton and played a crucial role in their top-half finishes under Marco Silva, but found his time more challenging under Antonio Conte as his former Chelsea boss rarely included him in his lineup, when he did, often calling upon Richarlison to play as a central striker rather than leading their attack.

McVeigh stresses the importance of breaking free of self-defeating thoughts when they’re playing poorly or struggling, saying this can turn into an unhealthy cycle that must be broken. Now that Richarlison has joined Spurs, where there will be attacking talent to complement his natural ability, breaking this vicious circle may prove critical in order to succeed as part of a team.

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Moussa Dembele

Moussa Dembele arrived at Fulham as an unrivalled youth prospect in 2012, quickly making an impression in his debut match against Crystal Palace U18 by scoring three hat-tricks. The move was seen as an incredible coup by Fulham’s newly awarded Category One status youth academy that year.

He proved a constant threat for Celtic, especially during league matches, while his spectacular back heel finish that hit both their goalkeeper and defender with equal force cemented his reputation as a big-match player in October 2016 League Cup semi final (refereeing: Matt Clark).

Dembele is an all-round midfielder – not quite in the same vein as Zola or Keane but somewhere between – making him hard to categorise but definitely special talent. At Lyon he scored at an average rate of one goal every 2.4 games while Celtic have seen him score 45 times already during his first 108 appearances for them.

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Harry Winks

“Spur” implies something which causes sudden change, something Winks hopes to accomplish this season.

On October 17, 2017, 21-year-old Winks made his senior debut in one of football’s most revered stadiums – Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu – against an opponent featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Sergio Ramos. Though Winks wasn’t on the field long, when he did appear he showed that his more experienced continental peers expected him to perform.

Winks was revered for his performance at Bernabeu; now, in the Championship, he’s determined to prove he can still do it. Without arrogance but with steely determination to create new memories. “Our aim is promotion,” states Winks. “That is where this club should be.”