Software Testing Solutions by Quinnox for accelerated testing

Fundamentally, digital means that businesses are becoming more agile, with the ability to pivot quickly, especially in the face of today’s unprecedented challenges. Businesses are developing apps, APIs, web applications, etc at a great frequency. This means the quality of these go-to-market solutions is an issue to be dealt with. As digital, speed to market, and frequency to market take over operating models, testing has become the Achilles heel of digital transformation and has not kept pace with organizational agility.

Quinnox has a trademarked set of automated testing solutions and enablers that help you go to market faster and better. QYRUS, our proprietary testing solution, keeps up with digital and reimagines business and technology agility with codeless, AI software testing solutions that drive quality, speed, and frequency to market. With QYRUS, businesses can test at the speed of digital!

With the easy-to-use Qyrus automated software testing solution, the business can get involved in testing products and keep pace with your company’s go-to-market frequency. QYRUS offers your enterprise with advanced, smarter testing capabilities with artificial intelligence as its core element. Since QYRUS is based on the cloud, your team does not have to fret about infrastructures or removing legacy environments. QYRUS also allows for fast scaling up, regardless of your current state. 

Why choose Quinnox for software testing solutions? Our software testing experts bring years of experience and a variety of skills across technologies to deliver excellence. Our testing scripts are tailored based on your business requirements and can be extended to other applications. Our software testing solutions ensure early detection of defects, reduce TCO and allow faster deployment of products. We constantly track and monitor the development and performance of enterprise applications in real-time. Data security is vital for protecting vulnerabilities and ensuring reliability. We ensure risk mitigation at all touchpoints.

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