You have always dreamed of increasing your number of followers, the number of views on your videos, or your subscribers’ engagement. You probably had the impression that it would be simple, but know that it is much more complicated than it can seem to you. To make things better, you may have heard of social ads before.

But what are social ads?

Posting in the street via advertisements (4X3, bus shelters or posters) has been present in our lives for decades, but be aware that new advertising placement spaces have arrived, and they have had a huge performance since the appearance of social networks.

JDM Web Technologies Social Media Marketing Services is the advertising strategy which implement by experts on social networks that allows you to obtain REAL results in your social media marketing actions. In short, powerful coverage cut to fine targeting for an optimal web marketing strategy! 

As social media has grown in terms of audience, it has sparked more and more interest in brands. These Social Ads on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest represent an alternative to the Google advertising agency’s advertisements with Adwords and Display YouTube. They allow you to reach an audience differently.

What can be achieved as objectives with the Social Ads lever?

Thinking of advertising on social media, but wondering if your campaign will be helpful and reach your target? Digital advertising campaigns are a real springboard for your sales because they generate traffic on your business site. You can achieve the following benefits using the various social ads levers:

  • Qualified targeting
  • Prospecting and acquiring new customers
  • A strong return on investment
  • Measurable performance indicators
  • Lower costs than other marketing levers
  • An increase in your community
  • Improved branding and notoriety

And if social ads do not yet seduce you, let’s evaluate some figures:

  • 46% of display advertising spending is made on social networks
  • Between 2016 and 2017, we noticed a 48% increase in advertising investments on social networks.
  • 100% of the world’s top brands have created campaigns on YouTube

On social networks, you reach your community through the organic posts that you publish regularly, but this is often not enough since you should know that, on average, only 6% of your subscribers are affected by an organic post. So, in parallel with that, you have to offer Paid actions to achieve your goals.



With more than 150 million users and 2 million company profiles, LinkedIn is today the largest professional social network: a boon for companies wishing to develop their digital marketing in B to B!

Many groups on professional themes are present, allowing you to get in touch with qualified prospects. Therefore, the chances of conversion are great if the targeting of your campaign is successful.

Its LinkedIn Ads network allows you to advertise in different formats to choose from between image, text and video. LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy is a good option for targeting executives or senior executives, thanks to targeting professional experiences or even business sectors.

Therefore, the main advantage of LinkedIn lies in its professional community and its targeting.

How to advertise on LinkedIn?

To advertise on LinkedIn, go to its LinkedIn Ads advertising network. This space will allow you to manage all your advertising campaigns. Creating an advertising campaign is relatively easy and quick to set up. You will need to create an advertising account for your company in the “Campaign Manager” and associate a company page with it.

Once all of this is in place, you can choose the ad format you want to set up from the catalogue offered:

Sponsored updates: to create an advertisement that appears in the news feed. It is the richest and most visible format, but it is also the most expensive format!

Text ads: this format allows you to create text-only ads. This type of format allows precise targeting and a larger display.

Sponsored in Mail: These are advertisements in the form of messages, which appear directly in the targeted user’s inbox.

After choosing the advertising format, then comes the choice of your targeting. This is a delicate step that will determine whether or not your advertising campaign on LinkedIn will succeed. 

Always upstream, allocating a budget to your campaign is a criterion for optimizations.


With more than 2 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is THE leading social network! The advertising network Facebook now offers a wide variety of advertising formats, allowing you to diversify your campaigns and reach a broader target. Therefore, the main advantage of Facebook lies in its vast community and its targeting qualified as surgical.

Ways to advertise on Facebook

You can do this in two ways:

  • Promote (boost) an existing publication
  • Create an advertisement from the Facebook advertising network.

The boosting button will give you access to all the parameters, particularly the targeting parameters. This format is the easiest and fastest way to advertise on Facebook.

The second way, advertising through Facebook’s advertising network, will allow you to fully personalize your content, your targets as well as your budgets, with the possibility of creating ad groups.


With more than 140 million tweets exchanged per day, 20% of which are directly linked to products or brands, Twitter is the perfect social network for entering into interactions with consumers.

For businesses, Twitter is an opportunity to establish a real real-time marketing strategy to improve its notoriety and reach a large audience. Twitter Ads, the advertising network of this social network, helps companies in this direction.

Many targeting criteria are allowed by this control:

  • Areas of interest,
  • users similar to followers,
  • the localisation,
  • sex, etc.

These criteria allow a refined targeting increasing the chances of conversions of prospects. 

Several advertising solutions are also available to meet your objectives:

  • Community recruitment,
  • improved visibility,
  • Increased traffic.

Therefore, the main advantage of Twitter lies in its vast community and its targeting qualified as surgical.

How to advertise on Twitter?

Three advertising formats are available to promote your brand, with very different objectives:

Sponsored accounts make it possible to recruit a qualitative community thanks to the improvement of the visibility of the Twitter account.

Sponsored tweets benefit from better visibility in the news feed. They, therefore, reach a larger audience than their community.

Finally, sponsored trends generate better engagement and conversion rates. This type of format is used in particular during television broadcasts.

As for the other two platforms seen previously, you can refine your audience and distribute your budget by campaigns or ad group after choosing and creating your advertising formats.

Then comes the last stage in the life of your social media advertising campaigns: performance analysis and optimization. Naveen Kumar, the Head of Marketing at JDM Web Technologies since 2009, supports launching, developing or performing on various social communication channels. He provides expertise on strategic and operational aspects with Community Managers, the management of advertising campaigns (social Ads), and Social Selling to develop the business.

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