Small Changes, Big Profits: Top 3 Tech Upgrades for Modern Hotels

In the rapidly evolving hospitality industry, staying abreast of technological advancements is crucial. The pandemic has significantly altered the way hotels operate, with a survey of 525 hoteliers revealing a 31 percent increase in the use of hospitality tech between the start of the pandemic and the end of 2021, a number that has steadily grown post-pandemic. This article explores three critical tech enhancements that can significantly elevate a hotel’s functionality and profitability.

    I. Upgrade to Smart Room Technology

Smart Room Technology is redefining the hospitality experience by introducing automated and interconnected systems in guest rooms.


  • Automated Climate Control: Systems that intelligently adjust the temperature based on external weather conditions, occupancy, and preset guest preferences, ensuring optimal comfort.
  • Smart Lighting Systems: Lighting solutions that can create ambiance, adjust brightness based on time of day or guest activities, and even offer mood-based settings.
  • Device Integration: Allowing guests to control room features through their smartphones or tablets, including media streaming, room service orders, and even window shades.


This technology not only enhances guest comfort and control but also contributes to energy efficiency and operational cost savings. Hotels implementing such systems report increased guest satisfaction and higher return rates. The technology also facilitates predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring a consistently top-tier guest experience.

  II. Revitalize Hotel Telephone Systems

Modernizing the hotel telephone system is about much more than just replacing old hardware; it’s about integrating advanced communication into the overall guest experience.


  • Diverse Communication Platforms: Incorporation of VoIP for flexible, cost-effective voice communication, along with options for text and video conferencing, catering to a wide range of guest preferences.
  • Integration with Hotel Management Systems: Seamless connectivity with the hotel’s management software, enabling features like direct billing to the room, wake-up call scheduling, and easy access to hotel services.
  • Mobile Integration: Allowing guests to use their personal devices to connect with the hotel’s services, offering a more personalized and comfortable experience.


The modernized hotel telephone system extends beyond traditional voice calls, offering a multifaceted communication system that enhances guest convenience and service efficiency. It streamlines hotel operations, allowing staff to respond more quickly to guest requests and manage tasks more effectively. Moreover, integrating telephony with mobile technology and hotel management systems provides a unified experience that today’s tech-savvy travelers expect. This integration not only improves guest satisfaction but also opens up new avenues for personalized service and marketing, ultimately contributing to increased revenue and repeat business.

III. Implement Mobile Check-In/Check-Out Solutions

With the shifting focus towards contactless and digital solutions, mobile check-in and check-out systems are becoming indispensable in the hospitality industry.


  • Self-Service Check-In/Out: This feature allows guests to check in or out from their mobile devices, reducing wait times and streamlining the arrival and departure process.
  • Digital Key Technology: Integrating with mobile check-in/out systems, digital keys enable guests to access their rooms using their smartphones, enhancing security and convenience.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Push notifications for room readiness, hotel events, and special offers, keeping guests informed and engaged throughout their stay.


Mobile solutions not only enhance the guest experience by offering convenience and autonomy but also open new avenues for personalized guest interaction and marketing. Hotels utilizing these systems have seen increased efficiency in operations, reduced labor costs, and an upsurge in guest satisfaction, especially among tech-savvy travelers.

Getting Started with Upgrades

Embarking on a tech upgrade journey requires a strategic approach. Start by assessing your current technology and identifying gaps that impact guest experiences or operational efficiency. Prioritize upgrades that offer the highest return on investment, focusing on guest-facing and operational technologies. Engage with tech vendors to understand the latest trends and technologies like hospitality phone system solutions in the industry. Importantly, involve your staff in this process for a smoother transition. Finally, allocate a realistic budget and timeline for implementation, ensuring minimal disruption to your hotel operations while maximizing the benefits of these technological advancements.


The adoption of Smart Room Technology, advanced hospitality phone system solutions, and mobile check-in/check-out solutions represent more than just technological upgrades; they signify a strategic move toward a more efficient, profitable, and guest-centric hotel operation. These technologies meet modern guests’ expectations, streamline operations, and create new revenue opportunities. As the industry evolves, these enhancements are becoming less of a choice and more of a necessity for hotels seeking to remain competitive and relevant in the dynamic hospitality landscape.