Shopify Product Photography – Why It’s Important For Ecommerce Websites

Shopify product photography is an integral component of any successful e-commerce business, helping increase sales, enhance user experience, and promote brand loyalty. When choosing a service provider, be sure they offer flexibility, consistency and superior image quality.

Capturing all sides of a product

Product photography on Shopify is one of the cornerstones of online ecommerce. It creates a lasting first impression for customers and draws them in; an average online consumer typically only stays engaged for 15 seconds before moving on. Without visually attractive product shots, potential customers might quickly move onto another website instead.

To maximize the impact of your product images, it is best to utilize a high-resolution camera. An ideal image size should be square; approximately 2000 pixels wide by height – this should allow enough zoomability without slowing down your website or appearing blurry on mobile devices.

If you want to save both time and avoid major photo flops, hire a professional software or studio for your Shopify product photography. Look for one with consistent quality, competitive pricing and retouching services as well as flexible schedules and offer free trial shoots.
Using a white background

white backgrounds are one of the best ways to make product photography pop online, while also showing off their features without distracting viewers. High-quality product photos are essential for ecommerce sites – according to Shopify, over 90% of purchasing decisions are influenced by what people see online when looking for products to buy.

No matter if you’re selling organic beauty products or sneakers, taking high-quality images is crucial for successful selling. Use different backdrops – including white ones – to emphasize your products and achieve a more professional aesthetic. Also try natural lighting instead of artificial illumination!

Using mannequins

No matter if you sell products in-store or online, high-quality product photography is key for making sales and drawing customers to your products. In addition, it can build brand recognition while supporting marketing initiatives and campaigns.

One such technique is flat lay photography, which involves placing products on a flat surface and taking photos from above. This technique works well when photographing accessories and shoes but may prove challenging with clothing – therefore mannequins may add sophistication to your photographs and show how a garment fits – from undergarment to swimsuit!

When photographing Shopify product photography, make sure that a clear background is used to save both time and money in post-production editing costs and minimize image size for quicker page load times. Also ensure your images contain keywords and alt tags for search engines so they’re easier to locate in search results and rank higher in results pages.
Using lifestyle shots

Online shoppers purchase with their eyes, and high-quality product photography plays an essential role in shaping their purchasing decisions. According to research conducted by Justuno, 93% of online shoppers consider visual appearance when making purchasing decisions.

To increase sales, consider including lifestyle shots in your product photography. Lifestyle images show people using the product in various settings, creating an emotional response in viewers while connecting your brand with them directly. They can also work well for social media and email marketing campaigns.

When shooting your product, be mindful to avoid distracting background elements and use a white layer to smooth out any blemishes in the image. Also important is choosing an editing software capable of making your photos web-ready; Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are excellent choices – both offer tools for cropping and straightening that make editing photos a breeze!