Shabit Ahtasham Songi


Shabit Ahtasham Songi is an Internet Entrepreneur and SEO Specialist based in Bangladesh, And the Founder & CEO of Multiple Online Business including SEO GURU a Local SEO and Digital Marketing Agency, Marketer’s Panel a White Label SEO Agency, and SEO GURU Academy a Lead SEO Training Center where he helps to Learn SEO Practically.

Shabit Ahtasham Songi Doesn’t Just Rank Websites, He Grows Businesses Too. He is a self-depended guy who found success online one step at a time through Long Hours, Dedication, and a Good Sense of Humor along the way.


Shabit Ahtasham Songi is managing multiple business by his own, and doing 9 to 5 jobs at an USA Registered Company, the position of Sr. SEO Account Manager.

He’s built his Local Business from scratch and now he’s one of successful Internet Entrepreneurs. Shabit has always been able to take advantage of his unique skills and experiences to create value for his clients. He is a definite asset to any organization and is always looking for ways to contribute to his community and make a difference.

Shabit handles SEO and Internet Marketing, Works on client websites to make the top ranking, Gives training to other business owners, Provides high-level business consulting, Builds SEO strategies, Applies various strategies practically, and makes good vibes always.


Shabit is not a GURU. He’s just a guy who knows how SEO works. He’s a humble guy who made it online , one step at a time , through lengthy hours, perseverance and a sense of humor in the process. He has learned what works and what doesn’t and does all can to share his knowledge with others to help them achieve success as well.

Shabit Founded SEO GURU in 2018

SEO GURU is a White Label Local SEO Agency based in Bangladesh. We help you to improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase your business and get more customers. We have been providing the best Local SEO services including to our clients for the past 5 years.

Are you looking for a white label SEO agency to help you improve your website’s search engine rankings? If so, you may wonder if the company is reliable and affordable. There are many reputable white label SEO agencies out there. However, it is essential to do your research before signing up with any of them.

If you’re looking for a Local SEO Agency to help you get your website listed on search engines, look no further than SEO GURU. SEO GURU is an online resource that provides tips and advice on improving your website’s search engine visibility. You can also visit their blog to see how other businesses have fared concerning search engine optimization.

Shabit Founded SEO GURU Academy As Well

SEO GURU Academy is a dedicated Training Center specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We help you to get the most out of your SEO efforts, including SEO training and SEO consulting.