I know what you’re thinking: OMG! Got steroids for websites? Indeed they do, it’s called SEO Copywriting and it’s legal. However, you must have the right formula to pump up those side muscles.

SEO Copywriter + Website Analyst + Creativity = Perfect Formula for a Muscular Website.

How Does SEO Advertising Really Work? I mean, so you write some fluffy pieces, send them across the web, and suddenly seo texte kaufen  more traffic, right? Well, not quite… because the purpose of SEO copywriting is not just to generate traffic, but to get targeted traffic using keywords. SEO copywriting is used to:

Promote keywords

The best way to really promote your keywords and therefore reach your target market is with web content. While you want to generate traffic, you also want to generate leads. An SEO copywriter essentially becomes your online marketing team. Every line of text, blog comment, article or Twitter post is an opportunity for keyword and business promotion.

Increase SERP rankings

SEO content is the biggest muscle booster a website can have. The SEO copywriter doesn’t stuff keywords; they pay close attention to density and proximity – where the keyword is placed and how often. When they read it again, they answer the questions: Will it be natural for visitors to read? Is the keyword ranked high enough for search engines to find it easily? A mix of natural writing, keyword placement, and keyword density is a steroid boost for your website that will keep visitors interested and search engines rank you higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Get your message out

It just seems to be, “Look guys, I have this product, it does XYZ, now come and buy it.” However, consumers are savvy. For the most part, they understand when you shove sales down their throats. An SEO copywriter offers a mix of selling and writing to get your message across in a pleasant, non-intrusive way. It’s okay to push visitors to buy; every time you see a form of “Act Now!” it’s a kind of pressure. However, it’s not okay to threaten their life if they don’t buy. SEO copywriting says, “Yes, buy it because it will help you with…”

Get visitors to take action

No amount of SEO, copywriting, design or anything else is of any use if visitors don’t take action. A strong call to action mixed with compelling content is absolutely necessary to increase conversion rates. Whether you want them to share their email, buy a product, or just comment, call -to-actions are the primary purpose of all content on your site.

So is your website lacking power? Does it need a little more beef? Has your call to action bent and hurt ? Hire an SEO Copywriter Company and Give Your Website a Steady Diet of Steroids! Your wallet will love you for it.

Gabriella Sannino Also known as M-7levels and M-7. For the past fifteen years, Gabriella has held positions as a consultant, web developer and creative director until she decided to open Level 343, an SEO and copywriting company. She sees herself as an Italian rocker, rebel and SEO geek. She loves to sing in the shower and keeps a notepad by her bed. You can read our blog here

SEO Elite Review – You won’t find an honest one these days

The SEO Elite software name is well known in the SEO industry. This is perhaps the most aggressively marketed product on the internet. Alongside the 16 screens of sales pitches on the official website, you’ll find tons of affiliate reviews in the same or more aggressive style from people who haven’t even bothered to verify that the software works.

If you see a review titled “SEO Elite is a scam” or ” Don’t buy SEO Elite”, don’t fall for it. I bet it’s another partner who’s after your attention and your money. The funny thing is that many of them don’t even bother to argue the point made in the title. The well-known copywriting technique of making a controversial statement in the title and proving it false in the article has been reduced to a lazy affiliate’s way of catching your attention with something unrelated to the text message. More often than not, instead of a critical review, you get another bunch of hype and unfounded praise for this SEO software urging you to open your wallet.

Why Most SEO Elite Reviews Are Scams.

Now I’ve been in the SEO industry long enough to learn that there are no get-rich-quick schemes, no shortcuts, and no magic wands to make you thousands of dollars overnight while sipping beers on the couch . And the products that claim this are outright scams to me, and that’s basically what SEO Elite does, both on their website and in affiliate reviews.

In reality, it turns out that the software is buggy and outdated, the customer support is poor, and the money-back guarantee is just an annoyance. Another odd thing is that the product is touted as both the “grandfather of SEO software” and the “new SEO software”. Of course you can’t do both at the same time.

Why are they doing this?

The answer is simple. For money. Affiliates earn a good commission every time they find another wannabe SEO guru looking for a quick buck.

Where can you find a real SEO Elite review

One of the first and most influential people to expose SEO Elite was Aaron Wall. In his SEO Book blog, Aaron explained that most seo text SEO Elite testimonials are fake . This blog post sparked a heated discussion, with many commenters jumping in to defend SEO Elite, claiming it was a great product and even berating Aaron. It later turned out that these comments were also fake. Someone even checked the IP the comments came from and the footprints seemed to lead to Brad Callen himself, the creator of the software. I’m not claiming it was him as I haven’t verified it myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

So if you’re evaluating SEO software and looking for SEO Elite reviews, you’ll need to work your “spam detectors” hard to distinguish a real review from a fake affiliate pitch. In most cases it’s not that difficult.

Here is a hype-free SEO Elite review. One of the few I could find. It offers a detailed comparison of SEO Elite and other popular SEO software like Web CEO, Internet Business Promoter (IBP) and SEO PowerSuite . And this is Aaron Wall’s story revealing SEO elite testimonials.