Sell Samsung S10: Actionable Tips to Recover Your Phone’s Value

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is one of the most valuable Android phones ever. Its Gorilla glass cover, octa-core processor, and AMOLED screen, apart from its long-lasting battery make it such a well-rounded device. Its demand in the used phones market is quite huge. People who can’t afford a rather expensive phone like the Samsung S10, will easily lap up the chance to own this premium device. If you decide to sell Samsung S10, you’ll get it off your hands in no time!

Since most people worldwide are Android users, the market for refurbished Android phones is large. There are several buyers and sellers just waiting to make the exchange. These prospective buyers and sellers can easily be found around you, many of them online. If you wish to sell used phone and are looking for a prospective buyer yourself, it’s wise to check out different options to get the best value on your sale. When you sell your used phone, you shouldn’t have any regrets over the cash value received. That’s why it’s so important to sell to the right buyer.

In this article, we’ll enlighten you on the best platforms to sell Samsung S10 along with actionable insights to get the maximum value out of your used phone.

Best place to sell your Samsung S10

This is quite a debated topic. In the last decade itself, several platforms have emerged online where you can sell your used phone. However, not all websites are reliable, and many popular ones like Craigslist and eBay aren’t always worth it. You may not always get the price you’d hoped for your used device on these platforms. If your gadget is maintained properly and is in good enough condition to pass off as new, you want a platform that values your effort and rewards you accordingly. That’s why it’s better to look for a dedicated used gadget buyer.

There are some great platforms online that deal specifically with used gadgets. They provide highly competitive prices for your phone and give you a hassle-free experience. Here’s why they are the best place to sell used phone.

  • Easy selling process: These platforms market themselves quite simply yet effectively. They know that you have a product to sell and they want to buy it. The web layout is straightforward, one that takes you directly to the selling link. First, you provide the details of your phone, then a quote is generated. Once you agree to the price and the device is verified, the transaction is complete.
  • Transparent quotes: The used gadget platform will provide a quote based on the condition of your device and its novelty. Of course, it’s subject to your approval. The transaction goes ahead only if you give the green signal. Generally, these platforms offer a fair price for used phones as they deal specifically with gadgets. They know the value of a good phone when they see one!
  • Quick payment release: When you’re about to hand your Samsung S10 over to an online buyer, you need the assurance of a quick payment release. It’s an expensive phone after all! Once the used gadget platform is done with the verification and all the terms and conditions are met, the promised price is transferred to the seller’s account immediately.

Tips to get the maximum value when you sell Samsung S10 online

  • Identify a reliable platform: Since there are multiple websites that buy used gadgets, you need to identify a reliable one. Read the customer reviews for a few of them on their websites and verify them on public forums like Reddit and Quora. Once you find a platform that matches your desired price, go ahead with your decision.
  • Maintain your phone: Remember, the cash you receive after you sell Samsung S10 depends largely on the condition of your phone. The pristine the condition, the better the price offered. Although it’s not possible to maintain a device in mint condition, you can take care of your device with regular cleaning of glass and investing in a sturdy phone cover.
  • Keep the paperwork secure: Don’t throw away the box your phone comes in and save the receipt of your purchase. Take a picture of the bill and save it on your phone for added security measures. This is highly useful when you sell your phone on these platforms as it’s proof of your purchase.

Key Takeaway

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a magnificent phone. It has an endless demand in the preowned market. Buyers would never have the chance of getting a premium phone like the S10 if they get an attractive deal, so what if it’s used?  If you want to sell Samsung S10 to upgrade to a newer device or simply cash in on a lucrative buyout offer, it’s always better to sell it to a dedicated used gadget buyer. These are online businesses that deal with used gadgets, buying and refurbishing them to sell them later. Many of them offer great cash incentives and a one-stop solution to take care of your used gadgets. Consider selling your used phones on these platforms, to get the best deal as well as to avoid the menace of e-waste.