No doubt, the modern day mobile phone users go for the highly advanced handsets. They look out for those devices which not only fulfill their calling and messaging needs but also pay equal attention on imaging, gaming and Internet Handyhülle Samsung A52 requirements. The Samsung mobile phones come with all these features and assist the users with the upgraded applications. The wide range of the efficient handsets allow the users to go for the most suitable device. You can get hold of a music-oriented gadget or a camera phone with much ease.

The whole lot of imaging features includes wide 28mm lens,

The Samsung M8910 Pixon12 is appropriate for all those people who love to click all the priceless moments of life. With the high resolution camera of 12 MP, you can capture still images as well as record video clips. The whole lot of imaging features includes wide 28mm lens, auto focus, xenon flash, face, smile and blink detection, power LED flash, tracking touch, image stabilization and beauty shot. The second camera facilitates 3G video calling with the other compatible contacts.

Another quality product from the house, Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition is provided with an 8 MP camera which also supports useful imaging features to provide well focused and well-illuminated pictures. This smart phone also allows 3G video calling, thanks to secondary camera. Apart from this, the two efficient mobile phones come with AMOLED touchscreens. The capable screens of the two gadgets display 16 million colors and the high resolution ensures crystal clear images.

Both the gadgets support the built-in WAP 2.0 XHTML & HTML

The Samsung mobile phones are provided with the excellent connectivity features and these two handsets are no different. Both the gadgets support the built-in WAP 2.0 XHTML & HTML web browsers which enable the users to enjoy easy Internet browsing at any point of time. Not only this, the user friendly Bluetooth option guarantees hassle free sharing of data and files with the other compatible contacts. Moreover, one can stay connected with the loved ones through SMS, MMS and Emails.

Apart from this, the Samsung M8910 Pixon12 as well as Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition take care of the gamers and come with interesting embedded games. In fact, you can download many more games as per your needs. In addition to this, the gadgets are designed to support document viewer which allows the users to check Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files at any point of time. The built-in music players of both the handsets ensure loads of entertainment and the FM radio takes the music to another level. Moreover, the users can enjoy MP3 and downloadable polyphonic ringtones on their respective devices. The long list of the useful features does not stop here. In fact, it gets bigger with the large phonebooks, sufficient storage capacities, efficient fitted batteries and quad band GSM network technology.

Much to the users’ joy, both Samsung M8910 Pixon12 and Samsung Tocco Ultra

The Samsung mobile phones are also known for their stunning looks, manageable size and fast speed access. Much to the Handyhülle Samsung A52 users’ joy, both Samsung M8910 Pixon12 and Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition come in vibrant colors. While the first gadget is available in rich black color, on the other hand, the second handset looks gorgeous in platinum red, platinum blue and gold coloured casings. With a weight of the 120 grams, the Pixon12 easily get settled in your pocket. Same is the case with the Tocco Ultra which weighs only 109 grams and can be carried anywhere with much ease. So, the brand name of Samsung speaks volumes in the world of mobile phones and the products are definitely worth buying.