Role of AI Matchmaking in Event Success

As it is said “necessity is the mother of invention”, the global pandemic has led to the increasing popularity of virtual events in the event industry. The use of technology in events and meetings has made it easier to organize events and boost engagement and networking within virtual events. Artificial intelligence has found its place in the event industry by helping automate manual tasks. AI matchmaking is one such tool that uses artificial intelligence to match the attendees with people of similar interests. This article will help you understand AI matchmaking in detail and why it is the future of events. 

What is AI matchmaking?

AI matchmaking is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze huge amounts of data to generate recommendations for attendees. It matches the attendees with other attendees on the basis of their interests. It saves a lot of time by recommending the best matches and helping them network with them via live chat, audio, and video calls. With the AI matchmaking tool, you won’t have to worry about going through the details of each attendee to provide personalized recommendations. Getting accurate recommendations helps the attendees interact with the right people resulting in increased levels of engagement and satisfaction. 

How does AI matchmaking work?

AI matchmaking tool uses the data of each attendee and matches them with people having similar interests. Let’s take the example of an automobile exhibition. AI matchmaking tool will ask the attendees questions like their annual income, which type of cars do they like, do they prefer larger legroom or a smaller one. In addition to the above questions, it will also analyze the past purchase behavior of the attendee and match it with the car booth owners that best suit the attendee. 

AI matchmaking has the ability to identify the goals of the attendee. For example, if an attendee’s goal for attending an auto expo is to buy a car, he will be given recommendations accordingly. If an attendee’s goal is to form business relationships or alliances with the booth owners, he will be provided recommendations accordingly. AI matchmaking helps attendees meet and network with the right people. 

How does AI matchmaking help make your event a success?

AI-matchmaking is becoming a popular tool in the event industry and is being used widely in virtual events. The use of AI in event management has proven to be very effective in making virtual events successful. Listed below are the reasons why you should consider selecting a virtual event platform that provides AI matchmaking technology. 

Less time consuming

Time-saving is one of the most important benefits of AI in event management. Having the ability to perform the most complicated and time-consuming tasks swiftly and efficiently makes it a great tool in the event industry. AI matchmaking analyzes and processes huge amounts of data to match people of similar interests within a matter of seconds. 

Identifying the goals of your attendees

AI matchmaking helps identify the reason why an attendee is attending an event. Identifying the goals of the attendees helps the event planners meet them, resulting in greater satisfaction. Rather than matching the interests of the attendees with each other, it matches them on the basis of their individual goals. 

For example, if Garima and Sakshi both are recruiters and Anushka is a college student, despite the similar job roles and interests, the purpose of both Garima and Sakshi is to meet job seekers like Anushka and not each other. AI has the ability to make this distinction and match the recruiters with job seekers based on their common interests and concerns. 

Accurate recommendations

AI matchmaking tool analyzes a huge amount of data to provide accurate recommendations to the attendees. It analyzes the attendee’s responses to the questions asked during registration and provides the top of the list matches as recommendations. It helps improve the attendee’s experience by helping them meet with the right people and fulfilling their objectives. 

Facilitates data analytics

AI matchmaking tool helps gather the information that helps attendees network with each other by performing analysis of huge amounts of data within a fraction of a second. It uses the data collected during registration and the real-time behavior of the attendees to provide them with better recommendations. It can also help analyze the data about how many exhibitors and attendees were able to meet each other based on their common interests and hence measure the success of the event. 

It analyzes past behavior

Being the most widely used technology in meetings and events it analyzes the past behavior of the attendees to determine their choices and preferences. It also uses past behavior analysis to provide accurate networking recommendations and potential matches. 

Helps boost engagement

AI-matchmaking tool boosts engagement levels by helping the attendees network with the right people and adding value for themselves from the event. It analyzes the goals of the attendees, the past and present behavior of the attendees to provide accurate recommendations. It helps the attendees meet their goals and objectives resulting in greater satisfaction and engagement levels. It helps them speak freely and develop a strong relationship with their target audience. 

It is Cost-effective

AI-matchmaking tool is very cost-effective and can automate the most tedious tasks. It eliminates the need for hiring a lot of people to perform manual tasks resulting in cost savings. The data analysis tasks that would otherwise require a huge workforce and time to complete are performed by the AI-matchmaking tool within seconds. 

Final Words

AI matchmaking has brought about a revolution in the event industry and has made it easier to connect people. It has also made event planning less time-consuming and cost-efficient. There are various virtual event platforms that provide the feature of AI matchmaking. Now that you have understood the role of AI in ensuring the success of your event, it’s time to look for a virtual event platform that provides you with this feature to boost the engagement levels of your event. 

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