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Startup costs can quickly add up when opening a restaurant. Your list of restaurant equipment is a crucial part of your startup expenses.

You need to provide servers, chefs, and other staff with all the necessary tools to do the job day in, day out.

These tools depend on the type of food and service you offer. A full-service restaurant may not have the exact requirements as a fast-food burger joint. There is some overlap in the equipment that each restaurant requires.

A loan agreement with a lender may be an option for those looking for financing to buy high-quality and affordable kitchen equipment.

Restaurant equipment financing is where a lender lends you the money you need to buy the equipment you want, such as a commercial refrigerator, new grill, or kitchen display. You can repay the loan over time and pay interest. The loan works the same way as a vehicle loan, but it is for your business assets.

Here are the 21 most essential tools for fast-service and full-service restaurants:


The oven is a crucial piece of equipment in any kitchen. The type of restaurant and food you serve will influence the type of oven you choose. The stove you need for a bakery may not be the same as one used in fine-dining restaurants.

It can be complicated to select an oven. Here are some things to consider.

The size of your oven will depend on how much space you have in the kitchen. The layout of your business kitchen will give you an idea of how much space is available for your oven. It is essential to consider how much food you intend to cook during a service to calculate the area you actually need.

The heart of any kitchen is the oven and range. Choosing something that can withstand years of use and abuse is essential. Take a look at all the warranties, reviews, warranty, and service agreements each brand offers.

Also, the function of the oven will depend on what type of cooking you want to do at your restaurant. First, decide whether you want an electric stove or a gas one. Next, you will need to decide what type of oven is best for your needs. You will have different requirements if you open a bakery or coffee shop than for a fine dining restaurant.

Food prep counters and cutting boards

Prep tables and cutting surfaces are crucial for any restaurant kitchen. Your staff will use it daily to do different types and tasks, so make sure you have something that can last for an extended period.

Stainless steel is the best option for prep counters. These counters can withstand the rigors of daily cleaning products and won’t absorb any bacteria. Keep things moving quickly by installing small refrigerators underneath your prep counters.

Plastic will work best for your cutting boards. Plastic is more porous than wood, so bacteria can’t hide in cracks. Plastic cutting boards are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and can help prevent cross-contamination.

Storage racks and shelving

Each kitchen requires suitable shelving and storage to store dry food, utensils, and equipment. Storage choices should be both strategic and long-lasting. This is something you don’t want to have to change or replace. Therefore, choosing the suitable material for your storage needs should be a top priority.

You can choose from various materials when it comes to storage or shelving: epoxy, coated polymer, antimicrobial, stainless steel, and coated wire. Your budget, use, and personal preference will all play a role in selecting materials.

You need good storage and shelving to store food and utensils. You should make sure you choose the best material for your storage needs.

You have a wide range of options for shelving or storage: epoxy, coated polymer, and antimicrobial.

Instead of adding equipment to your cash list, you can finance it.

Equipment financing may be an option for restaurant managers and owners. This option may be right for you both financially and logistically. Discuss it with your team. This will allow you to push ahead by checking out equipment leasing near me on our website.

Noreast Capital offers several lease options to help save capital and make your restaurant a success.

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