Property in Dapoli – Understand the Difference Between Villa, Bungalows, & Flat

Understanding the jargon of Real estate is quite tricky. But if you are interested in buying property in Dapoli or looking for some bungalow projects in Maharashtra, it becomes essential to have basic knowledge about certain real estate things. The property is your investment or it could be your second independent house but, if you know certain terms, you will make the work of a real estate agent a bit easier.

You must be clear about what you are looking for i.e., are you looking for a bungalow, a villa, or an independent house for sale in Dapoli. To avoid this confusion, one must understand the basic difference between the villa, bungalow, and flat. 

What is Villa?

It is a standalone house along with a yard or veranda. They are mostly built along with the other villas or similar houses to give the feel of community and a sense of togetherness. A villa is a separate house that gives you complete privacy just like any other bungalow premise. 

Mostly, the architectural plan of the villa is always fixed and if anyone wants to add the additional floor to it, permission is required by the competent authorities. They are also called row houses but they have their individuality in the way they are built. 

What is Bungalow?

It is an independent area and it is the property of an individual. In India, bungalows have traditional values as compared to villas and they are mostly transferred from one generation to another. Villas promote the community as they are designed like a township. People will have their independent houses but will be living along with other people in a single township where they require certain permissions to do changes in the house. But a bungalow is a complete private property of an individual who has all the rights to do any kind of changes in it. Those who love privacy still prefer to live in a bungalow and for that, various bungalow projects in Maharashtra are attracting people.

What is Flat?

Flats are part of multi-unit structure buildings having smaller areas as compared to villas and bungalows. The building has various floors and every floor has more than one flat on it. These buildings may be further divided into various wings with multi-flats on them. There may be a single building or a group of buildings in one complex. 

This multi-unit structure building culture is very common in various metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi because of the lack of land and huge population. The cities face a huge increase in the population every year and there is not enough space to accommodate everyone. So, to resolve this issue, multi-unit structure buildings are introduced. 

Property rates are very high in these metropolitan cities and not everyone can afford to have their land there. Hence, flats are the best options to live in these cities. They are available in various sizes like 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, etc., and the rates are estimated as per the square feet area. You can buy at your convenience and pocket.

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