Proper way of using QuickBooks data migration services

QuickBooks is considered a scalable software due to its various versions and subscription plans. Every version is designed based on the requirements of different types of businesses. Existing users of QuickBooks can switch between versions if they find a more suitable QB product for their business. QuickBooks data migration services help them transfer their data safely without any issues. If you also need to migrate your data, keep reading this blog to understand everything about migration services and some methods to transfer your data.

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Details of Data Migration

Moving financial data becomes a major concern as data security is crucial for the user’s business. QuickBooks offers data migration services to transfer data between different versions safely. New QuickBooks users can also use the services to move their financial data from other accounting software. Professionals provide these services and help to transfer the data without any safety risks. In addition, these services must be used to prevent chances of permanent data loss and corruption, which can cause severe effects on the business.


The following mentioned procedure is useful for existing QuickBooks users. Apply the stepwise approach to move your financial data to QuickBooks Online-

  1. Reboot your computer and right-click on the QuickBooks icon.
  2. Select Run as Administrator to open the software in Admin mode.
  3. Go to the Company menu and select Export Company file to QuickBooks Online.
  4. Click Start your export to begin the transfer.
  5. Open your QuickBooks Online and sign in as an Admin user.
  6. Tap the Choose online company option on the left to select a company file to be replaced with the new file.
  7. Click Continue after selecting the file.
  8. Select Yes/No in the next window, depending on your QuickBooks inventory.
  9. Type Agree in the text field and click Replace.
  10. Select the Yes, go ahead and replace the data option and then click Replace.

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Importing data from Excel

If you are moving your financial data from Excel, you must transfer the data in the following order to prevent any issues in the future-

  1. Customer
  2. Supplier
  3. Product & services
  4. Invoices
  5. Bills

Use the following steps to import data into QuickBooks from Excel-

  1. Go to the File menu in your QuickBooks and tap Utilities.
  2. Click Import and then Excel Files.
  3. Select the data type for the import and enter the required details.
  4. Save the file and close it.

Importing data from other accounting software

You must have the data converted to CSV format to move the data into QuickBooks Online. Use the following steps to start the migration-

  1. Go to the Settings menu located on the right and tap Tools.
  2. Click Import Data and select the data you want to import.

These methods will help you feed data into QuickBooks without any issues.


You read about QuickBooks data migration services in this blog and easy methods to move your data. We expect the blog helped you understand the key points of the migration services and that your data is transferred securely.

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