prince2 certification in India the best training course 2022

Prince2 is a program designed to improve project management skills and has become renowned for its high-quality professional certification.

The certifications are a strict evaluation (usually over 12 hours) of the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and attitude.

Prince2 certifications are globally recognized as the gold standard for project management and can be obtained in many countries around the world.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is an international not-for-profit membership association that provides the world’s most widely accepted standards of project management knowledge and ITIL certification.

The PMI has gained global recognition and authority on the subject of project management. As such, it is no wonder that it is followed by people from more than 180 countries.

The PMI provides a highly recognized Project Management methodology and course globally called Prince2 Certification. The same was developed in order to meet the requirements for efficiency and effectiveness in the modern business environment which is often characterized by rapidly changing priorities, client demands, resources, economics, etc.

One of the main benefits of this certification is that it helps organizations to increase their management skills considerably. In addition to that, employees who have been certified demonstrate a higher degree

Prince2 is a project management methodology created for large projects. It is most suited for projects that are complex and involve many organizations and groups of people.

Prince2 certification is also known as PRINCE II. It comprises 5 steps which are learning, understanding, implementing, auditing, and reviewing using the appropriate tools.

The Prince2 project management certification teaches organizations to use a standard set of techniques to organize their work in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of what they deliver.

In January this year the APMG launched a new certification called the PRINCE2 Professional. This accreditation is now the top qualification in the PRINCE2 curriculum. As many of you will know, in order to pass the other two PRINCE2 certifications (the Foundation and Practitioner levels) candidates need to pass an exam.

The Professional certification is assessed in a different way. Candidates need to attend a two-day residential event. During their time on the course, they have worked in groups through a number of project case studies. Evaluators monitor their performance and assess the attendees against a number of criteria.

This new method of assessing competency is a welcome addition to the PRINCE2 certifications. One valid criticism of PRINCE2 used to be its reliance on exam assessment. In my own PRINCE2 courses I have seen recent graduates, adept at taking tests but with little business experience,

outperform older attendees who clearly have more practical knowledge. The PRINCE2 Professional will bring the method in line with its biggest competitor, the Project Management Institute, which insists on three years of experience before issuing their Project Management Professional certification.

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