PCOS and Infertility: Is the IVF procedure successful for PCOS?

IVF and PCOS: Success Rate

One of the most common questions in the mind of patients struggling with PCOS is, ‘Is IVF procedure going to be successful?’ One of the stats has shown that ‘Patients diagnosed with PCOS have trouble conceiving with other treatment options instead of IVF. It has been pointed out that IVF has helped even the women with PCOS to conceive in their 40s.’ The important part is that you choose the leading Test tube baby centre in Punjab so that you can get the medical expertise of the renowned fertility doctor to boost your conception chances.

Medical advancement is controlling the prevalence rate of multiple pregnancies with PCOS

  • When you visit the IVF centre , one thing is certain that you will be given the treatment through the latest IVF technology. It’s the major reason that the chances of multiple pregnancies are controlled.
  • The latest approach of ‘Blastocyst Embryo Transfer’ is helping to control; the multiple birth rate.

Do you know?

Considering the latest statistics, ‘The conception rate is around 70% and the chances of live birth rate are up to 60%. These figures tell about the way IVF treatment has been proven successful for the women diagnosed with PCOS.’

Getting pregnant at the age of 40 with IVF, despite countless try times earlier

The couple named Rajni and Deep tried to conceive with every possible treatment out there. At least for 10 years, they struggled to make their pregnancy journey go with ease. Additionally, Rajni was struggling with PCOS which made the journey even tough. But, as we say, ‘After Rain There is Always Sunshine’ perfectly depicts their infertility journey. At the age of 40, the couple conceived by undergoing the IVF cycle. No doubt, it took 2 cycles but their patience paid off in the end.

Fertility doctors ensure to follow all the necessary protocols

For the couple, a proper treatment plan made by the fertility doctor made a difference to their condition. The stimulation protocols are the key reason women with PCOS can get pregnant with IVF. The necessary protocols are:

  • Ganirelix with Lupron trigger protocol

This option is used to avoid the chances of getting ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

  • Best of PCOS-IVF protocol

In this various options are combined like metformin, oral contraceptive pills, and lupron down-regulation ovarian stimulation protocol

Some key points about the IVF cycle for women with PCOS

  • At least 4 to 6 hospital visits are needed to make sure the stimulation is proper and before the HCG trigger shot can be given.
  • It might be possible for you the ovarian stimulation process is shorter or it might be long.
  • The total number of stimulation takes around 9 to 10 days.

Plan your IVF journey without any worry

Understand that the count of 8 million babies are born with IVF, so ‘Why do you have to worry about anything?’ Just reach out to the best IVF doctor Dr. Neera Gupta, whether you have PCOS or any other infertility problem, as she will give you the customized treatment plan as per your condition.

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