Online Order Management System For Restaurant Management

In order to get started with your online order management system, make sure you know which features will best benefit your restaurant. Below, we will briefly discuss Sapaad, TouchBistro, Himenus, and CAKE. All restaurant management system will have their own unique features. In addition to helping you manage your online ordering process, these systems will also give you a clearer picture of your profitability and your business’s future. So, let us get started:


Digital orders can be integrated into your current procedures thanks to HiMenus’ smooth integration with more than 30 POS systems. Your restaurant has the option to easily handle orders, menus, employees, reservations, & tables via HiMenus Restaurant Management Software. It empowers your personnel to provide each customer with excellent customer service. HiMenus, restaurant management system that helps improve hotel hospitality. It is time to improve consumer happiness and offer cutting-edge services.

HiMenus offers QR codes for dining establishments, coffee shops, hotel amenities, goods, conference or meeting spaces, and retail establishments. You may reconnect with your consumers or give them personalized offers thanks to the back-recording ends of all orders and visitor information. To enable your developers to include all functionalities into your current application, HiMenus can provide some additional services.


An online order management system (OMS) helps restaurants improve the quality of their service while maximizing profits. By utilizing this new system, restaurants can organize their employees more efficiently and improve their marketing efforts. The OMS allows restaurants to maintain a record of all orders from all customers so that they can better track their sales and profitability. In addition to reducing employee mistakes, a well-run system will make restaurant ordering much easier and more convenient for both employees and customers.

Using an online order management system eliminates the need for manual scheduling, increasing restaurant efficiency and functionality. Most restaurants will receive their own tablets for each service to streamline operations and increase customer satisfaction. Restore is an advanced restaurant management software bundle that includes an online food delivery system and a POS system. This software has smart responsiveness and user proficiency, making it a great choice for modern restaurant management.

Online Order Management System For Restaurant Management


If you are in the restaurant business, you may have already heard of MarketMan. It is a cloud-based software solution that has been used by restaurant chains such as Mr. Chicken, an eight-unit chain in the U.S., and other companies to help them run their operations. MarketMan operators can access advanced analytics and eliminate late nights spent reviewing inventory. They can even store invoices automatically reconciled by MarketMan’s partners and suppliers.

The system comes with extensive help options, including guided training and customer support. A kickoff call helps new users get started with MarketMan, and there are frequent webinars where users can ask questions live. Whether your staff needs one-on-one training or need a detailed tutorial on the software’s features, MarketMan is available to help. A support team is available six days a week to answer any questions or concerns.


With its seamless integration with popular cloud-based accounting software Xero, Sapaad’s online order management systems can streamline your daily business processes while enhancing customer service. Sapaad also lets your waiters take orders and payments directly on their tablets. This means you can take payments tableside, improve efficiency, and make it easy to generate invoices. The system also eliminates human error by automating your workflow.

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With Sapaad’s cloud-based POS system, you can manage online orders, table management, and inventory – all in a single intuitive dashboard. It also supports integrations with leading food ordering platforms, such as Deliveroo, Zomato, and Uber Eats. Sapaad is easy to set up and manage. It offers numerous integrations and features, so you can connect your best restaurant management system to any third-party service.


TouchBistro Marketing is integrate with TouchBistro Online Ordering to enable diners to purchase, send, and redeem digital gift cards. It’s Loyalty can also integrated with this system to allow diners to redeem rewards and promotions. The system also integrates with TouchBistro Marketing, which combines guest data and marketing tools. TouchBistro Loyalty and Online Ordering also allow restaurants to manage their capacity and offer digital reward points to repeat customers.

With these features, the restaurant software can simplify and streamline operations for busy restaurateurs. The all-in-one restaurant management system streamlines restaurant operations and helps restaurants increase sales while enhancing the customer experience. TouchBistro can process transactions, manage online ordering, and loyalty programs, and provide management of gift cards. By combining these features, the system helps restaurateurs manage their digital menu, loyalty programs, and marketing and customer data in one place.

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